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At Computeam we have extended the high-quality, high-value approach we bring to the Education sector to local government, non-profit organisations and a wide range of small and medium businesses. If you are looking to improve your IT systems or just want some friendly impartial advice, we are sure we can help with our range of business focused services below:

Computeam Manage

Introducing Smart Support for business serving clients across the West and North West of England.

Managed ​IT ​services and outsourced IT support have been around for several years in most sectors and technology to deliver these services have​ developed very quickly in the past three years. It is now possible to intelligently monitor networks and automate routine tasks to proactively resolve faults before they become service issues. At Computeam, we have been looking closely at the possibilities that technology brings to business.

Computeam have recently made a significant investment of over £250,000 in a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool. This tool enables Computeam to manage all aspects of IT service delivery, including hardware and software inventory, warranty details, detection of errors, network performance, response times, resource utilization, life cycle management and even the amount of power that your ICT systems are using! We can schedule maintenance tasks, switch devices on and off remotely and effectively manage every part of our client networks in a highly efficient way.

Why choose Managed IT Support with Computeam?

It is imperative for us that our clients experience a top class service so we are using technology to improve our own outcomes, ensuring that IT becomes an aid to ​development of your business​, not a barrier. By investing in our systems we will improve the experience for our clients and team members.

Computeam Connect

Whether its networks, wireless as a service solutions (WaaS), leased lines, FTTC or fully hosted and managed VoiP solutions Computeam have industry leading options available.

Computeam currently provide services to a wide variety of sectors including leisure, non profit, multiple occupancy office blocks, local government and SMB’s.

What is Wireless as a Service? 

  • 3 or 5 year contract
  • A comprehensive wireless service based on number access points, flexible to your needs.
  • Fully cloud-managed & underwritten for contract term to ensure security.
  • NBD swap out for hardware issues for peace of mind. 
  • Includes guest management features & captive portal for seamless service. 
  • Hardware remains the property of Computeam throughout the contract 

Computeam Secure

Protect, Encrypt, Authenticate & Comply with Computeam Secure

As part of our service to the business sector why not take advantage of a free security audit of your systems?

Why Choose Computeam Secure for your business?

A recent survey by the Office of National Statistics for 2017 reported that computer misuse crime referred to the NFIB by Action Fraud increased by 63%.This rise in business-related computer misuse to 21,745 offences, the report said, is largely accounted for by a 145% rise in computer malware and DDoS attacks the past year to 8,292 offences.

More specifically, this is thought to be due to a rise in levels of malware, mainly ransomware and Trojans, including several high-profile attacks and security breaches on national institutions, including the WannaCry attacks in May 2017.The latest figures suggest that while consumer-targeted attacks might be falling, as consumer-grade security improves, cyber criminals are now shifting their gaze to the potentially more profitable enterprise sector.

Computeam was named Barracuda MSP partner of the year 2018, who offer a full range of security services to ensure that your risks are mitigated as far as possible and that your team are trained and aware of security protocols:

Email Security Essentials

Intercept malicious emails, links, attachments and phishing attempts before they even reach customer inboxes with this easy add-on to most email systems. 

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Optimize traffic and security protocols quickly and easily with cloud-enabled advanced threat protection to secure multiple SMB networks. 

Intronis Backup

A software-only BDR solution that enables you to protect, recover, and restore SMB files, folders, emails, applications, and servers — physical or virtual — both locally and in the cloud.

Essentials for Office 365 

Complete protection for on-premise and cloud – email, collaboration and hosting services that add control, security, backup and compliance.

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