Case Study

Chrome in Education, a Partnership Approach

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Client: Littletown Primary Academy

Technology Partners: Google for Education - G Suite and Chrome Acer - Chrome Devices

The Challenge

Implementing a server-less, cloud based environment using Google Platform with managed Acer Chromebook devices.

The client requirement included a review of their existing infrastructure, as the outdated fleet of ageing laptops and PCs were proving ineffective and had become a barrier to the delivery of teaching and learning. A further catalyst and the need for change was the ageing server that was in need of urgent replacement.

Littletown Primary Academy invited a number of companies to provide a robust, reliable and innovative solution in order to inspire the use of technology throughout the school. Having worked with Computeam in the past the Academy turned to their ICT consultants to provide a proposal.

Computeam undertook a complete audit of the existing ICT infrastructure, through temporary deployment and utilisation of their RMM software to produce a hardware audit of the connected devices on the network.

This tool produces a detailed audit document with age, condition and operating systems of the devices, which, when combined with a physical network audit allowed a full picture of the schools current set up to be produced.

Simultaneously, working groups were established with senior management and teaching staff to discuss barriers, requirements and produce “wish-lists” of required features. Key design principles included:

  • The Academy had invested in replacing old Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors with Promethean Interactive Panels and felt that this investment should be complimented by any new technology adopted.
  • The ageing server and end of life classroom hardware dictated that a total refresh of hardware was required.
  • Feedback from staff in the strategic review and working groups rightly focused on the pupils needs, but it put communication and collaboration at the top of their list.

The Solution

Chrome For Education

Above all, staff at the Academy wanted an environment that was innovative, manageable, engaging, quick to master and taught cutting edge life skills.

Computeam, having extensive experience in the education space and being vendor agnostic, considered a number of solutions working with their trusted partners. After careful evaluation the Google cloud platform including G Suite for Education and its associated tools, were chosen as they fit all the required criteria.

Working in partnership with Acer as a gold partner and Google as one of only 40 Chrome for education partners in the country Computeam produced an innovative solution design that encompassed all of the key design principles captured in the project scoping phase..

This started with the implementation of a server-less, cloud based environment using the Google Platform with managed Acer Chromebook devices. In this case Acer Spin Chromebooks were chosen due to their ability to be used as either a traditional “laptop style” device or as a tablet enabling fully managed G Suite and Android App functionality for all year groups.

This provided a completely mobile wireless solution which can be deployed flexibly, whilst also cutting down on server hardware and the associated support & backup costs.

This saving enabled the Academy to redirect funds to provide a ratio of almost 2:1 pupils to new devices.

The cloud based G Suite platform allows teachers to access all their resources directly from the Promethean Interactive Panels and enable full classroom collaboration using Google Classroom and Promethean ActivCast wireless presenting.

In order to maximise the school’s investment, Computeam also provided initial and ongoing staff training plus onsite and remote technical support.

The Result

Once enrolled, the Acer Chromebook Spins are managed through the admin console, with focused settings delivered to devices and users, so unless there is a hardware issue, they would never have to be visited again. This allowed the school to spend less time with technical issues and more time engaging with the technology for its own sake.

There are allocated staff with extra admin rights on G Suite, which enables them to administer users, bookmarks and even push apps to the Chromebooks. This has led to an increase in confidence using technology, with all staff beginning to use the resources throughout their curriculum.

One tool that has made an instant impact is Google Classroom, which has been a revelation across the Academy. With very little training, staff are able to create classes, then add their students to those classes, who can also add themselves with a specific class code. Once enrolled, those students can be set assignments, simple questions or any type of resources can be posted. Students can respond collaboratively, complete work and hand it in. It’s a space that engages all involved and allows the technology to support the type of learning the school had identified in the initial proposal.

In the classroom, the Academy’s Promethean panels are also key to the students and teachers experience. They can access all their contents and resources directly through the Android platform on the panels, mirror up to 4 Chromebooks to the panel wirelessly, showing best practice and comparing work.

Communication plays a key role in any school and Gmail sits at the heart of this. All users have an email account, with the students being restricted to internal communication only. This combined with Google Classroom has allowed the school to direct focused messages and receive communications back, saving paper and involving parents and guardians too. Students can log into a Chrome browser or app on any device and get access to their resources and emails. This bridges the gap between home and school and brings parents and guardians closer to their child’s learning.

Our Statement

“These are exciting times at Littletown Primary Academy and with an investment in technology that is fit for purpose, enhancing and strategic, allowing for a defined and achievable long term plan for the benefit of the students. As a company Computeam are always striving to deliver reliable yet innovative solutions and its always a pleasure to work with education clients that are as forward thinking as this Academy.”

Chris Chaffey, Education Director

Client Impact Statement

Working with Computeam allowed us to fully audit and review every element of provision at the school and several detailed meetings allowed us to consider a range of options and ensured that when we decided which way to go it was a strategic solution completely bespoke to us and our needs. Computeam went away and sourced the best devices for us (chromebook Acer Spin 11) which allow us to use 1 device to cover laptop and tablet based learning. Computeam supported us in leasing the equipment to allow us to start a cycle of 3 year leases in which we spent comparably the same as in previous years, have far better provision and can evolve our provision more easily to ensure we are always current. Computeam also created a new domain for us, updated our IP addresses, removed our old and slow server and conducted training sessions with teachers. Entering in to the Computeam support plus package ensures our domain and hardware can be managed remotely and we receive a fortnightly two hour site visit for any further issues.”

Key Lessons

This project showed us that:

  • Computeam were asked by Littletown Primary Academy to devise a strategic plan for technology enabled learning across the campus
  • After a detailed audit & consultation, Computeam recommended a large-scale deployment of Acer Chromebooks and G Suite for Education cloud platform.
  • The solution provides both desk-based laptop and mobile tablet experiences for pupils.
  • Ease of management and built in teaching tools like Google Classroom have already delivered a significant educational return on investment

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