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Comply - Training & Risk Awareness

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Standards

Comply is an essential addition to our Computeam Secure service that promotes the legal, regulatory, and best practice side of cyber security. This might include compliance with standards such as data protection, GDPR, and Cyber Essentials, but also includes widely-recognised best practices. In addition, Comply services include training and user awareness.

What does Computeam offer?

When it comes to Cyber Security, the first challenge is knowing exactly what is required. That’s why we have developed our Cyber Security Audit Report, which usually requires an onsite audit to capture current Cyber Security practices. After which, Computeam would produce a detailed report of current estate and provide recommendations in a range of areas associated with Cyber Security, in order identify the areas that require development.

Training is pivotal to what we do; not only for customers but internally as well. That’s why we offer a range of training services to allow schools to develop internal knowledge of both general cyber security and security best practices for teaching and learning platforms such as Google Education and Office 365.

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How do Computeam
provide this service?

At Computeam, our team of friendly, dedicated, and experienced security professionals will assess and identify the most appropriate solution for your school and support you in every step thereafter.

Our team will survey your school’s current data protection provision and recommend how to develop it further, and even help you achieve Cyber Essentials Certification. We can assess your environment in a variety of ways, either on a consultation basis or by completing a Computeam Cyber Security Audit, which will highlight areas for development and ultimately help both the school and Computeam determine the best way forward to enhance its data protection provision.

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How can your school benefit?

Understand and enhance your school's cybersecurity with our targeted services. From precise audit reports to comprehensive training, we fortify your defenses against threats and elevate staff awareness, ensuring a safer digital environment.

Detailed Audit

Detailed Cyber Security Training

Enhanced Staff Awareness of Risks

Fortified Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Minimise Internal Security Breaches

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