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To help educators get access to high-quality training resources, the CompuSkills Rewards scheme is a time-limited initiative available through our Computeam Engage service, where each purchase of an Acer mobile device, laptop, or Chromebook from Computeam between 1st April 2024 and 27th September 2024 entitles your school to a £10 CompuSkills Reward voucher.

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What can I spend the rewards vouchers on?

Each £10 voucher you earn can be spent on a wide array of Computeam-delivered Transformation and Training services. This includes access to our Learning Locker platform which offers a variety of STEM training content and CPD accredited courses, as well as the choice to participate in several STEM-related training courses available either remotely or in person.

Full list of CompuSkills rewards available

Learning Locker Access (6 or 12 months)

Audience: For Teachers

Cost from £250 CompuSkills Rewards

Unlimited access for all staff within the school to Computeam's own training platform Learning Locker; users can login with Single Sign-on through their Microsoft or Google accounts.

Learning Locker contains a vast array of training courses including Microsoft 365 applications, Google Workspace for Education, AI – Co-pilot and Gemini, Inclusive and Adaptive teaching, Technology Enhanced Literacy and Computing Curriculum guidance, plus many STEM-related topics. View a demo video HERE

Half-day Remote or On-site Teacher Training Workshop

Audience: For Teachers

Cost from £290 CompuSkills Rewards

Book a live training session with one of our Education team, who are all Microsoft Innovative Educators, Google Educators and QTS qualified!

Training sessions will support teachers in taking a ‘Pedtech’ approach, learning how to integrate Pedagogy and Technology in their classroom.

Session content can be tailored to your needs, delivered remotely, or in person, for 90 minutes to up to 4 hours.

Technology Enhanced Literacy with Microsoft 365

Cost from £250 CompuSkills Rewards

Audience: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, School Leaders, SEND and Intervention staff.

Literacy is a key area of any school curriculum. This course is aimed at staff who work with children in a literacy-related role, to enable them to use technology to enhance and support their pedagogy.

Part 1 can be delivered remotely or in person, in as little as 1 hour, or as an extended Team teach session. It covers Microsoft Immersive Reader across a wide range of Microsoft applications.

Part 2 is an extension course, taking literacy to the next level through the Learning Accelerators ‘Reading Progress and Reading Coach’. This course takes staff through Setting Reading tasks in Teams Assignments, AI-enhanced coaching for pupils in the automated stretch and challenge tasks, marking and feedback options and how to get the most from Insights and Analytics.

The content can be delivered remotely or in person depending on budget and preferences.

Google Arts and Culture – live from a computer near you!

Cost from £250 CompuSkills Rewards

Audience: School/MAT Leaders, Classroom Teachers.

This course introduces you to the features and benefits of Google Arts and Culture for education. You will learn how to use the platform to enhance your curriculum, engage your students, and inspire their creativity. You will also learn how to use the Explore and Play features, which offer interactive and fun ways to experience art and culture.

The course is suitable for teachers of all key stages and subjects in the UK curriculum, as well as school and MAT leaders who want to foster a culture of innovation and responsibility in their schools. The course will provide you with

practical examples, tips, and resources to help you integrate Google Arts and Culture into your teaching and learning.

By integrating Google Arts and Culture across a broader curriculum, pupils can see how STEM can reach careers of all kinds. Learning about architectural metaverses, virtual tours of museums, designing websites to curate and compare artwork through machine learning tools. Using technology to transport learners into cultures from the other side of the world, immerse themselves in thousands of years of Historical fact, or even explore outer space through VR!

The course can be tailored to your needs, delivered remotely or in person, for 60 minutes to up to a half day.

STEM Careers assembly

Cost from £250 CompuSkills Rewards

Audience: Pupils – open to all Key Stages.

STEM careers are exciting, rewarding and in high demand. But how can you inspire your students to pursue them? How can you show them the real-world applications of STEM subjects and the opportunities they can open up? Our STEM Career Assembly is designed to do just that.

The session can be delivered in person to one class, a whole year group, or to multiple schools via a remote link, at a time to suit your school schedule.

An example of what your pupils will experience:

●  Learn about the different roles and skills involved in creating educational technology products and services.

●  Hear inspiring stories from people who work in STEM fields and how they got there.

●  Participate in interactive activities and quizzes to test their knowledge and challenge their assumptions.

●  Ask questions and get feedback from the presenter and their peers.

●  Receive useful resources and links to explore STEM careers further.

Strategic Consultancy: Building the Pillars of Change

Cost from £250 CompuSkills Rewards

Audience: School/MAT Leaders and/or Governors.

As part of the January 2024 updates to the Meeting digital and technology standards in schools and colleges, all schools are required to meet the expectations of the Digital leadership and governance standards.

An inclusive up-to-date digital strategy is key to an effective and engaging use of technology to support positive educational outcomes and ensure that the school budget spent on technology is having educational impact. This course is designed to empower all schools with the necessary content to begin to build or update their strategies.

Session content can be tailored to your needs, delivered remotely, or in person, for 60 minutes to up to a half day. Using Microsoft's’ Education Transformation Framework as a guide for educationalists to navigate the complexity of transformational strategies impacting every aspect of their role. The session facilitates the process of envisioning what is possible and developing a strategy to achieve it.

Similarly, through our Google Education Partner status, we can support you in using the Education Plus Impact Calculator to enhance your strategic spending in Google software.

Where possible, we would also seek to offer a follow-up session that will then fine tune that strategic plan and add supporting practical actions and objectives. By the end of this course, the school will have a direction and focus that represents the voice and needs of the modern-day classroom.

AI in Education: Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Responsibility

Cost from £250 CompuSkills Rewards

Audience: School/MAT Leaders

Ai in education is a hot topic, but there is a final balance between innovative opportunity and ethical responsibility. This course supports school and MAT leaders in understanding the role of AI in education and how it can bridge the gap between innovation and responsibility. Additionally, we will look at the importance of integrating AI into the curriculum design to stimulate understanding.

The session can be tailored to working in a Google environment – using Google Gemini, or in a Microsoft Environment – using Microsoft Co-pilot.

Session content can be tailored to your needs, delivered remotely, or in person, for 60 minutes to up to a half day.


●  Claim a CompuSkills Reward worth £10* with every qualifying Acer education device purchased.
●  Choose from a range of CompuSkills rewards. (as attached)
●  A PDF copy or photograph of your invoice is required to complete your claim.
●  No minimum or maximum order required
●  Your claim must be submitted within 30 days of the invoice date.
●  CompuSkills Rewards are eligible for Schools, Colleges, and Universities within the UK.
●  Valid until 27/09/2024.

Can I save them up to put them towards a bigger experience?

Yes, absolutely! You have the option to accumulate vouchers and use them either in full or as part payment towards more extensive training courses as long as they are still valid.

Is there a limit or min quantity?

No, there are no limits to how many devices you can purchase. You will receive a £10 voucher for every device bought within the promotional period. There are no restrictions on the number of vouchers you can accumulate; the only limit is time!

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How do I claim?

There is no need for you to do anything to claim your vouchers. They are issued automatically once your invoice is paid, and your dedicated account manager will handle all the details and contact you.

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