With cybercrime on the rise and tighter regulation, our services combine high-quality network security, data security, back-up and a helping hand on compliance with the GDPR


Computeam Secure

Comprehensive data backup & award-winning anti-virus

Your school data is a precious asset that needs to be protected from viruses, malware and accidental loss. We will sit down with you and design a backup strategy that meets your particular needs and budget. Our services include:

  • Automated cloud-based backup for critical data
  • Fast restore options for disaster recovery planning
  • Award-winning anti-virus on servers and endpoints
  • Advanced threat detection to protect you against ransomware


Computeam Secure

Protect data across multiple devices

Data breaches can cause significant legal and financial difficulties for schools. Our encryption software will protect data on multiple devices for each user (desktop, laptop, USB drives) and can even encrypt email for secure communications with third parties.


Computeam Secure

Secure remote access to your network and data

Most schools rely on the convenience of remote access to their applications including MIS systems, but weak passwords can leave them exposed. Our 2-factor authentication system secures remote systems with a secondary access code generated via your mobile phone or other device.


Track adherence to the GDPR and manage data requests

With regulations becoming more complex, especially around data security, all schools need to have the right systems and processes in place to comply. We understand the requirements and can provide a helping hand in ensuring all aspects of IT in your school are compliant now, and in the future.

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