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Core Support from Computeam | Meeting IT Challenges for Secondary Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts

Secondary schools and large Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) face unique challenges managing their IT infrastructure. With the aim of improving educational outcomes through technology, Computeam's Core Support provides a comprehensive solution for institutions seeking robust IT support systems.

The Background

Computeam's Core Support is designed to provide essential third-line IT support, ensuring rapid issue resolution, strategic planning, and knowledge sharing. This service is particularly beneficial for secondary schools and MATs with in-house IT teams, offering a layer of expertise that complements and improves existing capabilities.

Features of Core Support

Third-line IT support

Expert assistance for complex IT challenges that in-house teams may encounter.

Fast issue resolution

A commitment to resolving IT issues swiftly to maintain uninterrupted educational delivery.

Knowledge sharing

Core Support facilitates the sharing of best practices and insights, enhancing the overall IT proficiency within the school.

The Benefits of Core Support

Benefits for Large Multi-Academy Trusts

Integrated systems: Core Support helps with the integration of IT systems across the trust, delivering consistency and efficiency.

Shared teaching and administrative processes: The service supports the facilitation of shared resources and processes, optimising administrative tasks and teaching methods.

Cost-effective procurement: Strategic planning at the MAT level contributes to more cost-effective procurement decisions, maximising the value of IT investments.

Benefits for Secondary Schools

Enhanced IT reliability: Core Support ensures that IT systems are consistently operational, minimising downtime and disruptions to the educational process.

Strategic IT planning: The service includes strategic planning assistance, helping schools align their technology growth with their educational goals.

Proactive maintenance: With Core Support, schools can anticipate and address IT issues before they escalate, ensuring a smooth technological environment.

What Our Clients Say

Holy Family Roman Catholic and Church of England College

"Our School, initially engaged Computeam with the intention of enhancing our information and communication technology infrastructure. We were seeking a reliable partner to streamline our ICT operations and have oversight of our cyber security. After thorough research, recommendations from trusted sources and a full tender process, we decided to entrust our ICT needs to Computeam."

"Since joining Computeam, we have experienced numerous benefits that have positively impacted on the school."

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Penistone Grammar School

Original reason for joining Computeam?

At the time of selecting to partner with Computeam were looking to replace an incumbent service provider. We wanted to build an in-house team with 3rd party support. Computeam stood out as being an education focussed support partner - this was totally unique when compared with all the other providers. And this has been the main theme of working with Computeam: always looking for educational benefits brought by ICT development, alongside first rate support when it is needed.

What are the main benefits of the service received?

Computeam are a well resourced and reliable partner. Whenever our in-house team are unable to solve a problem, Computeam are, and they are always willing to pass on the knowledge rather than retaining it for themselves. Alongside this, we have used Computeam for a number of small and large scale projects, all designed to improve ICT provision with the classroom at the heart of any decisions.

Mr M O'Brien 

Director of IT and Data Development

How can we help?

Computeam's Core Support is an essential service for secondary schools and MATs, providing a comprehensive support system that helps resolve IT issues rapidly and proactively improve the IT infrastructure.

Through Core Support, educational institutions can ensure that technology becomes a strategic asset that drives educational success. If you'd like to find out more about how Core Support can help improve educational outcomes in your Secondary School or MAT, get in touch by clicking the link below.

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