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 Enhancing Education with Technology

At Computeam, everything we offer is linked to our mission statement of improving education through the use of technology. We provide the best, fit-for-purpose education services, products and solutions available, and we ensure that we offer you the skills to be able to use these services, products and solutions effectively.

Recent research suggests just 15% of the 755 primary and secondary school teachers surveyed felt confident using technology and only 33% had received hands-on training in digital skills. This is why we are now pleased to offer a Digital Transformation training programme to complement our managed services package.

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What does Computeam offer?

No one school is the same, which is why our Digital Transformation and training plan is a bespoke programme, designed and delivered by a named dedicated Computeam Training Lead.

Whatever your budget, we can offer an all-encompassing transformation and training service to enhance the digital literacy of education staff whilst supporting pupils and parents from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Trained & Certified

All Computeam training staff are:

Microsoft Global Training Partners

Microsoft Advanced Innovative Educators

Microsoft Office Specialists

Google Training Partners

Google Certified Trainers

Apple Teachers

Working with our experienced, trained team gives you the knowledge that you're in capable hands.

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How do Computeam
provide this service?

Following the initial audit phase, our training package proposal will be tailored to each School/Trust based on several factors; size of staff body, prior knowledge, current educational software used (M365, Google, Apple), agreed transformation metrics. 

Comprehensive Services for
Schools & Trusts

Elevate your school with our tailored services. From audits to hands-on training, we're here to guide your educational journey. 

Audits & Analysis

Skills Audit

Full teaching and non-teaching staff audit with a site visit and a bespoke questionnaire.

Strategy Analysis

Tailored review of your Trust/School Improvement plan to design transformation metrics.


On-site Training

Face-to-face sessions with staff groups (large or small).

Virtual Training

Live sessions via Teams, Google Meet for small groups or multiple academies.

Asynchronous Learning

Full access to our Learning Locker platform.


Regular Check-ins

Termly consultancy via MS Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom with your Computeam training Lead.

Specialised Consultancy

Initiating your school's journey to becoming a flagship institution.

Strategy Design

Digital Strategy

Bespoke design with a focus on 'PedTech' – Pedagogically-led Technology.

Demonstrations & On-site Support

Product Demos

On-site showcases of Google/Apple/Microsoft products.

Classroom Support

Team teach with one of our education experts.

Accessibility & Specialisation

Accessibility Sessions

On-site or virtual sessions for SEND provision.

How can your school benefit?

The transformation and training programme has been designed and structured by ex-teachers who have hands-on experience of what it means to work in a post-COVID, future-aspiring education system.

We see that school staff have had to accelerate their digital literacy skills in the past 5 years, and as a leadership group, it is often difficult to know how to best meet the needs of the staff in a time-poor environment, and, further still, measure the impact of the changes afoot.

Our programme equips your School/Trust to bridge the technology gap, promoting advanced pedagogical teaching practices. Through tailored training aligned with your school's objectives, you'll benefit from an intuitive dashboard designed for ease of use even by non-tech staff, facilitating informed decisions.

Furthermore, with Computeam's expertise, your institution stays updated in a constantly shifting educational arena, while our customisable CPD platform, Learning Locker, offers flexible training solutions.

Computeam's work in action

Explore the impact of our efforts through select highlights of our recent work provided below.

Digital Transformation

Read more about our Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training.

Dedicated Programme

Introducing the Digital Transformation Consultancy
and Training Programme.

What our clients say

"Having the time and space to think through how we would apply it to our work was really beneficial"

"I'm already thinking of which children this could support with their learning and how it will impact their engagement in the curriculum"

"The new knowledge will help to support all learners but especially our SEN learners and more vulnerable"

"Micrsoft Search Coach for students was really useful and should be part of our PSHE programme"

"Thank you the training has been fantastic. I never knew that PPT could do so many things. I will be feeding back to the teaching staff next week."

"Something that everyone should have access to."

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We recommend using the form to get your questions straight to the right team. However, if you'd prefer to email or call us direct:

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