Computeam Engage Training for Educators

At Computeam, everything we offer is linked to our mission statement of Improving education through the use of technology. We provide the best, fit for purpose, education services, products and solutions available and we ensure that we offer you the skills to be able to use these services, products and solutions effectively.

That’s why we consider training as a vital and core service that we offer every one of our clients to ensure you maximise your investment.

As you would expect as a Microsoft Global Training Partner and employing Google Certified Trainers we offer a comprehensive range of training options, from ‘off the shelf’ courses, fully scoped and designed courses based on skill levels and needs, bespoke video services to distribute Trust-wide, CPD strategies through to consultancy and assessment for Educators ( plus numerous external training courses from core partners such as Promethean).

We hope you share our commitment to transforming education outcomes using effective classroom technologies, to give your staff and students the best teaching and learning experiences you can and invest in some of our courses for your team.

A snapshot of some of our “standard” courses can be viewed here.

Below are two links one to our STEM rewards Programme in partnership with ACER and Microsoft where you can receive £500 in a Training voucher for purchasing 25 Acer devices or £1000 for over 100 devices purchased and the other for our free device recycling service Trade2Train that turns obsolete technology into training vouchers to spend on one or more of our courses.

STEM RewardsTrade2Train

Turn obsolete technology into training vouchers to spend on one or more of our courses.

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