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Internet Safeguarding for Schools

Protecting Schools Online

Computeam provide the best possible connection and firewall-protected internet connections for schools. Taking that base service further, we also provide a full online safeguarding, monitoring and filtering solution.

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What does Computeam offer?

Computeam offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. Our cutting-edge technology platform allows us to remotely monitor and manage client networks efficiently, reducing the necessity for onsite visits for the majority of issues. This not only saves time but also minimises downtime, ensuring your school stays at the forefront of technology while keeping costs in check.

We go beyond mere troubleshooting, providing enhanced IT reliability through proactive maintenance and strategic planning, ensuring that your technology infrastructure remains robust and dependable.

In addition, schools have the option of adding Securly Aware to the service which takes the protection from blocking and reporting to a full student safety and wellness solution, providing unprecedented insights into students’ mental health and wellness.

  • Identify depression, grief, anxiety, and other mental health issues
  • Proactively intervene with your most vulnerable students
  • Features comprehensive scanning of students’ online activities
  • Google Drive files, OneDrive files, emails, social media, and web searches are scanned to identify indications of suicide, depression, violence, bullying, and nudity

Supporting Schools & Keeping Students Safe Online

Using activity alerts and analysis, we can help better protect students online.

Flagged Activity Alerts

Receive real-time alerts of concerning student activities via email. Designated staff can view all alert notifications & activity in their assigned OUs.

Sentiment Analysis

Detects the actual sentiment behind posts, even when traditionally flagged keywords are not included.

Wellness Levels

Know and easily visualise each student’s emotional well-being—and respond proactively if levels begin to drop.

Preventative & Automated Interventions

Curb cyberbullying and violence with proactive tools.

How do Computeam
provide this service?

A Computeam technical consultant will work with you to understand your connectivity bandwidth and speed requirements. Then, working with your key stakeholders, demonstrate the power of Computeam Connect and the modules available for safeguarding and wellness.

Once you have selected the right package for your school, a dedicated project manager will take over the planning, installation and set-up of your system—including full training for key stakeholders upon completion.

Once handed over, our involvement doesn’t end there. Computeam managed services include full access to our team of technical support consultants who can advise, troubleshoot, and repair any issues you might have during your contract with us

How can your school benefit?

It’s hard to imagine an unconnected school nowadays, and by selecting Computeam Connect as your connectivity partner, you are ensuring that you are receiving the most reliable and highest speed of connection available. This, combined with world-class support and service from an education specialist, you ensure that you’re taking the protection, wellness and safeguarding of your staff and students to the next level.

Computeam's work in action

Explore the impact of our efforts through select highlights of our recent work provided below.

Case Study

Safeguarding children across all aspects of their digital activity

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