Improving Student Outcomes

The need for adequate EdTech and a future-ready MIS has never been more crucial in the digital age. IRIS Ed:gen is here to provide the solutions.

To help ensure your school or MAT grows effectively, IRIS Ed:gen offers a single state-of-the-art cloud platform to cater for all your HR, attendance and asset needs. Using focused data and insights, schools and MATs can improve their decision making and pupil outcomes.

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The Future of MIS

IRIS Ed:gen has everything you expect and already have in your MIS… plus so much more.  Download the brochure and discover the power of having real-time data at your fingertips.

  • A single, cloud-based platform for HR, assets, attendance and more
  • Live data to identify trends and issues
  • A modern, easy to use interface
  • Scalability based on your institution

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9 out of 10 schools are expected to do more with less funding.
Could technology be the key to better information, better decisions and better futures?

Download this whitepaper to learn how a next-generation MIS can help:

Find out why your current MIS isn’t fit for the future

Find out what’s needed for a future-fit MIS

Discover how the right MIS can save your teachers time and your school money

Time for a new software partner? Absolutely.

A partner you can trust

The future of your school or trust is in safe hands with IRIS. As the largest privately held software business in the UK, IRIS creates pioneering software to support organisations and educational establishments to run effectively every day.

The IRIS Education suite of EdTech solutions are broader than any other provider in the UK - designed to help you manage all elements of school life. They provide thousands of schools and trusts with market leading education management software like IRIS Ed:gen and iSAMS, engagement software like ParentMail and IRIS Reach, and have a growing suite of financial and payroll products such as IRIS Financials and Every HR. The aims of IRIS are simple – to helps you make every school day a smarter one.

Why can I trust IRIS Ed:gen?

With over 17 years of experience in providing schools with forward-thinking school MISs and expertise; you, your school, and staff can put your trust in IRIS and IRIS Ed:gen.

Featuring a genuine depth of functionality that’s tailored to every school or trust, and real-time data; changing to IRIS Ed:gen will drive you forward to continuously deliver the best possible outcomes. 

Time for leading tech? Yes.

How is IRIS Ed:gen different?

IRIS Ed:gen takes care of everything you’d expect from an MIS - from enterprise grade security, to statutory census and managing your exams. Their state-of-the-art tech is designed to handle the big stuff like this, along with making admin much less of a burden, to give you time back to focus on what you love – improving student outcomes.

But the real power of IRIS Ed:gen is so much more. Forget spending valuable time entering data into disparate systems, trying to piece data together into something meaningful, and spending countless hours on creating reports that are out of date before you’ve finished collating them. With IRIS Ed:gen, that changes. It’s cloud-based so it’s always up to date, reports are available at the click of a button, and it’s all in one system.

Because IRIS Ed:gen is different, you can be different. And most importantly, you can focus on improving the outcomes for each and every pupil. 

Will IRIS Ed:gen support the future vision and values of my school or trust?

As an education team, IRIS Ed:gen is driven to make a difference, to innovate, and to improve education outcomes, just like you. Rest assured, the team at IRIS doesn’t settle for “it does the job”. They are continually looking for ways to improve and adapt in-line with the very latest tech and government changes, along with how the industry evolves. IRIS understand that every school is different, which is why they’ve designed IRIS Ed:gen to be customisable, to support you in the way you need it to.

So, if you are driven to be better, IRIS Ed:gen will support you today, tomorrow... and for years to come. 

Does IRIS Ed:gen meet all required statutory obligations?
Most definitely.

IRIS Ed:gen does everything you expect from an MIS, such as census, workforce census, single central record, exams and attainment.

Plus, IRIS Ed:gen does so much more. Did you know there are more than 50 modules included as standard?

So, where you may currently be relying on third party modules, it’s likely that with IRIS Ed:gen you can consolidate platforms into one integrated system – saving you money and your team time. 

Will I need training and what will it involve?

IRIS Ed:gen is intuitive and simple to use, with free training on hand, tailored to your school or trust.

The experts at IRIS have worked in schools themselves and with other MIS products, so they understand your pain points and what you need from your training. Unlike other MIS providers, IRIS Ed:gen gives you the option of in-person or online sessions, to flexibly work around you and your staff.

Once your data is migrated, IRIS Ed:gen will work with you to create a bespoke training plan. Because IRIS knows your teachers’ time is precious, IRIS Ed:gen teacher training is just 1.5 hours long.

How long will it take to change my MIS to IRIS Ed:gen?

Implementing IRIS Ed:gen is quick and simple, and disruption is minimal to your school or trust. Because it is a cloud-based system, implementation can happen in just a few weeks.

It’s a great opportunity to clean your data, so IRIS Ed:gen works to a timeframe that’s convenient for you and your team. 

Time for centralised data? Certainly. 

What are the benefits of having all school data in one place?

Unlike some other MISs, IRIS Ed:gen is a centralised system which streamlines all data around school management, to house it in one easy-to-access place. With quick access to data that works together, you’re able to save time by only entering data into one system. Plus, you can save money by eliminating the need for multiple software licenses you might have for safeguarding, lunch payments, parents evening etc.

Will I need to invest in other school management tools and platforms?

The scope of IRIS Ed:gen exceeds any other system. It has standard apps, including powerful assessment tools like advanced admissions portals and admissions management, workflow driven safeguarding, and powerful rewards and conduct features.

Can I share data across the whole trust?

As IRIS Central gives your trust the ability to create centralised assessment templates, policies, and behaviour strategies, you’re able to share them across all academies in the group.

Offering a consistent, streamlined view across the trust is not only simpler and more accurate, but it will also save the trust’s central team hours of time by removing the need for manual processes to create a trust-wide view. It empowers trust staff to quickly see trends in real-time at trust level, school level, and even drill down into data at pupil level.

With dashboards for attendance, admissions, assessment and safeguarding, as well as HR and staff absence, nothing is left behind and decisions are made based on quality, up-to-date data.

Will IRIS Ed:gen scale as my trust grows?

Whatever the future of your trust, you can rest assured that IRIS Ed:gen will grow with you, your group, and any new academies that join your trust.

Could a new MIS change the outcome of an Ofsted visit?

A successful Ofsted report comes down to having accurate, real-time data at your fingertips. With the right data and information from IRIS Ed:gen, you’re able to make the best judgements and decisions for pupils to improve their outcomes. So you can make an impactful difference throughout the whole school year, which Ofsted inspectors will be able to see.

How? With IRIS Ed:gen, your inspectors can have your data at their fingertips too. You’re able to provide them with their own restricted IRIS Ed:gen login, so they only see the data they need to. With easy access to your MIS data, inspectors are able to assess your school efficiently and fairly, with a view of exactly how you’ve made a positive impact on pupils.

Although an MIS alone can’t improve an Ofsted evaluation, it allows you to provide the data to back up the decisions you are making, spot interventions and make improvements.

IRIS Ed:gen allows data to be captured and shared in a user-friendly way, meaning it can be actioned quickly to give your SLT, teachers and admin staff the confidence and clarity they need to drive your school or trust forward. 

Time for smarter pupil & staff outcomes? 100%.

Can IRIS Ed:gen help our pupils?

Improving pupil outcomes is at the heart of every school, and at the heart of IRIS Ed:gen. As a centralised, streamlined system that uses real-time data, you’re able to gain better insight, act more quickly, and create smarter outcomes for pupils. Being able to spot trends and act on them promptly can make a huge difference to the outcome of your students.

Can it make life easier for staff and improve our retention rate?

Technology, and particularly your school’s MIS, need to cater to digital-savvy minds as the need for more young professionals to join the education sector grows.

The digital-first generation expect to see and are seeking out schools using intuitive, cloud-based, accessible, speedy technology like IRIS Ed:gen, just as much as schools who cater to their wellbeing. 

Does IRIS Ed:gen drive pupil attainment outcomes?

IRIS Ed:gen can be pivotal in helping pupils reach their full potential.

It’s quick and easy to enter data right there and then across the system to record results, information and any statutory data – giving you richer data than you could ever get from Excel!

Using a combination of traditional reporting tools and live data dashboards, it brings all pupil data together in one place.

These reports are accessible by role and span the breadth of data in the system, so teaching staff and leaders have the insight to make informed decisions and interventions. It is vital for an MIS that can truly help pupil outcomes.

This is something IRIS is extremely passionate about and will be at the heart of future product developments.

Time for improved processes? Of course.

Can IRIS Ed:gen improve our processes?

With less third parties involved, and less time spent transferring data to different systems, processes are streamlined.

Data only needs to be entered once, whilst reports are available at the click of a button to help you quickly spot and tackle trends. Plus, safeguarding and exam tools are simplified, and text-to-speech capabilities speed up data entry. Rest assured, IRIS Ed:gen can improve the way your whole school works.

Will IRIS Ed:gen improve the information we can share with governors and trustees?

Keeping key stakeholders such as governors or trustees informed and engaged in the school or trust is important, but often time consuming. IRIS Ed:gen has specific resources at both school and trust level to allow governors and trustees to get up-to-date information.

At school level, built-in reporting packs, and even role-based access for governors to stay informed at their own speed, are available. And for MATs, trustees can log into IRIS Central and view rich, collective information across the whole trust, right down to a single student level. 

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