Jon Crosse

Chief Technical Officer

I’ve always been fascinated and excited by technology but having been with Computeam for over 17 years now and having spent a great deal of that time working directly with our clients on the front line, I have seen first-hand the disruptive effects and the frustration that can be caused when technology doesn’t work as intended. When correctly implemented and with the right support and training however, technology can have a hugely positive and transformational effect, engaging users and overcoming barriers that wouldn’t be possible without it and positively impacting the development of young people. 

As CTO, leading Computeam’s use, adoption and implementation of technology solutions for our clients is a real privilege. I am proud of the technology solutions we deliver. Ensuring they fulfil their purpose is a challenging yet rewarding experience, however the success of these solutions comes not from me or any one person, but from the great team of people here at Computeam. Whether they procure, advise and support or facilitate the delivery of services and solutions to our clients in some other way, you can be sure they share my passion for technology and education! 

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