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The Computeam

Cris Cadby



I’ve been involved in education IT for nearly 20 years having been the founder of IDN in Taunton( now Computeam), I am now proud to lead the team of directors within the Computeam group- a team of highly experienced and passionate individuals who are dedicated to ensuring everything we do improves educational outcomes and business processes

I have recently become vice chair of trustees at a fantastic specialist school for children and young adults with learning difficulties, physical and sensory disabilities. This have given me a firsthand insight into the challenges facing education budgets. I am always impressed with the agility and ability of our team to design innovative services and solutions to help schools become more efficient and effective whilst making operational savings.



I’ve been leading Computeam now for more than 16 years, a job that is made much easier by our fantastic team! The interaction between the ever-changing world of technology and the education sector means that we have to keep on adapting our services to take account of innovation and also the circumstances that apply to our client schools.

I’m proud of the service we deliver, and above all else I am passionate about the positive effect that well-designed technology can have on engaging pupils and teachers alike in their learning. I enjoy meeting and hearing-from clients and new schools alike, so please get in touch if we can help you with anything IT related.



I was a founding member of Computeam, being involved in the original NGfL roll out in most of the Manchester schools in the late 90’s. We’ve grown considerably since, but always strived to maintain our friendly local company feel and caring ethos. 

I love seeing the impact the right technology has in schools, especially when teachers and pupils are not only using the ICT, but having fun with it too. We have a fantastic team and we’re all looking forward to helping you with your technology. 

Jon Crosse



I’ve always been fascinated and excited by technology but having been with Computeam for 15 years now, and spending a great deal of that time working directly with our clients in the front line, I have seen the disruptive effects and the frustration caused when technology doesn’t work as intended.

Fortunately I’ve been privileged to see far more examples where well implemented technology solutions have delivered a positive and transformational effect, engaging users and overcoming barriers that wouldn’t be possible without it.

It’s this rewarding experience that makes me passionate not only about Technology but the positive impact it can have. Nowhere is this more acute than in the Education sector where I know that doing my job well can have such a positive and transformational effect on the learning and development of young people.



I've been in education technology for around 25 years of which 13 years has been spent at Computeam. Throughout that time tremendous leaps have been made in technology. Despite this, huge challenges remain in schools and at Computeam we maintain a focus on what matters most, the teaching, learning and day to day functionality of schools.

As education director my role is to ensure that the passion we have as a company for the benefits technology brings, are in line with our aim to bring meaningful purpose and practice to the classroom and beyond, with a clear focus on education outcomes.

Chris Race



Having worked in the Edtech sector for most of my career, I understand the constant challenges that schools face with technology and how important this has become to teaching and learning.

Providing a first class support service to our clients is therefore of paramount importance and I feel proud of the service that we deliver. 



I have over 16 years experience of working within the education sector having overall responsibility for IT project delivery and support.  During this time, I developed strong relationships with schools over the years and I am committed to delivering best value IT solutions that enhance teaching and learning.

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