Sally Mason

Recruitment & Training Manager

As the Recruitment & Training Manager, my key responsibility is to find and engage excellent IT, Sales and Administrative professionals for our steadily growing and driven team.  Identifying those people with not only the right skill sets but also an equal belief in the power of education is fundamental to building a stable and ethically, socially-focused team, all striving to improve educational outcomes through amazing service.    

Helping others to find new and progressive career opportunities is a key driver for me.  I really enjoy getting to know people, identifying their skill set and long-term career objectives, developing those all-important early interactions with candidates who just might be our next new addition to the team. 

We focus on people and personality at Computeam as we believe that skills can be learnt whilst personality and core values are inherent and vitally important to the strength of our team.  Having come from a teaching background myself I know exactly how important IT is in the classroom and in the wider administration of teaching; supporting young people through finding amazing people to join our team is my way of supporting better educational outcomes for young people no matter what their starting point is.  

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