Get Your Digital Education Platform from Computeam

Are you looking to take advantage of the DfE funding for your digital learning platform?


What will you get?

  • By working with a partner such as Computeam you will be guided through the decision making process and select either Google G-Suite for Education OR Microsoft with Office 365 Education
  • It's a place where your pupils' learning experience at home can continue as close to normal as possible. The platforms are purpose-built for remote learning in a way that a school website isn't. 

If you access this scheme, you'll be able to:

  • Assign and assess work, providing feedback remotely
  • Communicate with staff, students and parents in real time, using written word, voice and video
  • Facilitate collaboration between groups of pupils and teachers

How much funding is available?

It depends on your school type, £1500 for a primary, £2000 for a secondary or for a school within a MAT £1000 per school – Enough for a company like Computeam to get you set up, trained and started on your journey

Why choose Computeam to set up your schools online learning platform?

Computeam are experienced, trusted and accredited to offer both Google and Microsoft solutions via the Department for Education fully funded cloud platform provisioning programme

Computeam have set up over 200 schools with a complete online, DfE fully funded , cloud platform in the last 6 months with hundreds more prior to the current DfE programme

What extra do we get from Computeam?

Computeam offer more for FREE Including 12 months unlimited remote support for staff users

Computeam provide the school with a years FREE access to their training guides and video tutorials

Computeam are now offering 12 months MIS synchronization for either platform FREE OF CHARGE ( saving c £495 ) to automate the set up of  users as they start, leave or move class saving you administration time 

How do we get signed up and started on our journey?

Computeam will handle the application process for you ( after gathering some information from you) and complete the forms on your behalf , or if you prefer to apply yourselves we can send the link to you

Simply complete this basic form here and one of our IT consultant will be in touch to get your school into the cloud

Get Started

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