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Working with Computeam allowed us to fully audit and review every element of provision at the school and several detailed meetings allowed us to consider a range of options and ensured that when we decided which way to go it was a strategic solution completely bespoke to us and our needs. 

Entering in to the Computeam support plus package ensures our domain and hardware can be managed remotely and we receive a fortnightly two hour site visit for any further issues

Littletown Academy, Honiton

“We recognise that technology is playing a significant role in children’s lives and will increasingly do so in their futures. Our schools are committed to enabling children to become masters of technology, using it with skill, safely and in a positive way at all times.”

Elliot Costas-Walker, the Trust Learning & Teaching Lead 

"We knew we had to make a significant change in our IT provision at school and the G Suite platform is so engaging and simple, it doesn’t take long for any user to begin to use all the apps effectively. We wanted to ensure that we had joined up thinking with respect to a workflow system for staff and an educational tool for children and the G-Suite platform ticked all the boxes for us

It is important to us that children are able to make good choices with regards to technology and to become creators rather than just consumers. Technology is all about making choices and we are striving to empower children to become positive and responsible digital citizens"

Phil Lewis – ICT Lead, Appledore School

“Computeam’s specialist knowledge and experience of the education sector was apparent throughout the project and they made suggestions during the planning stage that enhanced the solution and added value to the Trust.”

Nicola Chester – Finance & Operations Leader, The Champion Education Trust

"Securing the best experience to provide the greatest opportunity for learning to take place has been the driving factor in all the ICT projects that we have worked with Computeam. The project to install the interactive boards kept this in focus at all times, right from when we were testing the demonstrator boards, to the installation and positioning in classrooms to maximise their impact.

Working with Computeam is effortless as they share the same ideals and goals for learning, with clear advocacy for strategic use of technology in the classroom."

Michael O’Brien – Strategic IT Lead, Penistone Grammar School

“This new way of working works very well. The teaching staff have a clear understanding of how both systems operate and find it easy to move between the two environments. There is a clear line between the administration area of the school and the teaching of the children, and although they operate on 2 distinct systems, the teaching staff find it straightforward. The way their laptops are configured, means they only need to logon once to access everything.”

Jackie Wells – School Business Manager, Woodbury Primary School

“There has been a lot of change in such a short time, but it needed to happen. Computeam were very clear from the beginning, of the changes we needed to make and were confident of the outcomes. They had a vision of moving as much of our on site services to the cloud using Microsoft 365 and Teams. We have started to migrate our planning and resources to Teams, it’s so much easier for both staff and students to access. This relieved a lot of pressure on our on-site resources and once the teaching staff had new laptops, it all worked reliably and consistently, wherever we are.”

Fiona Richards – Schools ICT Lead & Vice Principal, Avon Valley College

"Computeam have provided IT support services to Cheetham CE Community Academy for a number of years.   They have been invaluable in helping us develop our IT strategy and have helped us implement a number of key changes to our IT infrastructure. Knowing our Academy well, Debbie and the team are extremely professional in providing  us with up to date guidance and advice. Its reassuring knowing they are always on hand whenever we need help or support".

Paul Galloway – Cheetham C of E Community Academy

"We have used Computeam as or IT support for many years. They are professional, efficient and reliable. I am impressed with their attitude of wanting to ensure schools are able to use IT effectively in all lessons and that equipment works so the lessons run smoothly They have an excellent understanding of life in the classroom as a non specialist IT teacher. Any technical problems can be reported to our technician who works in school each week or through their helpline - we are kept fully informed all the way. Nothing is ever too much trouble! Problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. I cannot recommend Computeam enough - they are an important part of our school!".

Jenny Hetherington Shadsworth Junior School, Blackburn

"This summer has been particularly challenging with multiple significant projects running across our schools all with very tight deadlines. Computeam have done nothing but support the Trust the whole way through. They have always been more than competent, highly ethical and most of all, patient.  Their support team have been exceptionally professional despite setbacks with the building works, and even worked with the distinct lack of electrical power! "

Lisa Jones - Vantage Academy Trust

"The knowledge and expertise they have is second to none and the staff have always been helpful, friendly and always willing to please. Whatever our requirements have been, Computeam have provided and supported all in a professional and timely manner. I would have no doubts in recommending Computeam and its service to any other potential customers."

Clair Wain - Webster Primary School

“Our panels look fantastic!

Thanks to your team for the work they did last week they were a great team to have on site.”

Kristina Willand – Business Manager, St Peter's C of E Primary School

"I have been incredibly impressed at the superb level of professional service and support my school has received from Computeam. Since switching to Computeam the number of staff that have commented about the high quality of technical support has been immense."

Steve Wheeldon - Headteacher, Wilbraham Primary School.

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