What Our Clients Say

“We recognise that technology is playing a significant role in children’s lives and will increasingly do so in their futures. Our schools are committed to enabling children to become masters of technology, using it with skill, safely and in a positive way at all times.”

Elliot Costas-Walker, the Trust Learning & Teaching Lead 

“Vantage is a forward looking Trust that understands fully the potential benefits that technology can bring to our schools. From our wide experience we have found that unerringly Computeam go further than other IT support providers and work to “improve education outcomes using technology”, a statement we believe we are well on the way to achieving with them.

Our strategic investment over the past two years has moved the Trust to the cloud and made a device available to every user, reaping significant benefits for teachers and staff in terms of access to learning resources. We will continue to work with Computeam as a trusted partner, to ensure our Trust is at the leading edge of teaching and learning with digital platforms”

Simon Bramwell - CEO - Vantage Academy Trust

“Learning Academy Partnership Trust needed a trusted partner to bring us into a fully-managed cloud environment and support the benefits that technology can bring to our schools.

We engaged with Computeam through our 3rd party consultants and found them to be very professional and committed to our cause. What they have achieved in such a short time is remarkable and has really made an enormous difference already.

We will continue to work with Computeam as a trusted partner, to ensure our Trust is at the leading edge of technology with digital platforms."

Karen Barnett Chief Finance Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Clerk to Trustees, The Learning Academy Partnership

“Since implementing the new server infrastructure solution which was designed and installed by Computeam, our IT is not only once again reliable, but also performs significantly better than with our previous setup. As a result, Staff and pupils, are regaining confidence in the IT at the school, and its use has become something which enhances teaching and learning and improves pupil engagement rather than something to be wary or mistrusting of.”

Adam White, IT Team Leader – Djanogly Learning Trust

"Working with Computeam allowed us to fully audit and review every element of provision at the school and several detailed meetings allowed us to consider a range of options and ensured that when we decided which way to go it was a strategic solution completely bespoke to us and our needs. 

Entering in to the Computeam support plus package ensures our domain and hardware can be managed remotely and we receive a fortnightly two hour site visit for any further issues."

Littletown Academy, Honiton

"We knew we had to make a significant change in our IT provision at school and the G Suite platform is so engaging and simple, it doesn’t take long for any user to begin to use all the apps effectively. We wanted to ensure that we had joined up thinking with respect to a workflow system for staff and an educational tool for children and the G-Suite platform ticked all the boxes for us

It is important to us that children are able to make good choices with regards to technology and to become creators rather than just consumers. Technology is all about making choices and we are striving to empower children to become positive and responsible digital citizens"

Phil Lewis – ICT Lead, Appledore School

"We have partnered with Computeam for our managed services for several years now and had been planning to try and upgrade our network using our own budget, and we were delighted when our account manager, Rebecca, made us aware of the DfE scheme.

Rebecca introduced us to the team at Everything ICT who really helped guide us through the whole process from application, through the implementation, right up to requesting the funding, which was paid to us upon completion.

Computeam proved to us that, despite some delays due to the global supply chain, they are the right partner for us having completed the works to a very high standard, and we are simply delighted with the end result. We have experienced a better connection in areas where our old Wi-Fi struggled due to the number of mobile devices we now have in school. A network we don't have to worry about for years to come.

Computeam’s support has be impeccable throughout this process and beyond, and I cannot thank them enough."

Carol McMullen - Business Manager 

“Computeam have been an engaged strategic partner since we picked them from the DfE framework in 2020. Their knowledge and experience of ICT build projects was apparent from the start, but what really shone through for me was the ability to support a transition from previous provider to new provider whilst adding greater technical expertise. This was all the more important as we were developing our IT capability against a backdrop of a challenging IT supply chain due to the Covid -19 pandemic.”

Jane Egerton, CEO

"Investing in IT for a charity like ours is often considered a luxury, and we are forced to take donations, borrow personal machines or rely on support from partners. However, the output of the organisation must be worldclass as we provide performances, education services, talent development and do many other activities on which there can be no compromise. To make a significant upgrade of our IT systems and infrastructure, we needed a company which would help us match our IT to our organisation vision, but would be approachable, understanding and easy to work with. Computeam was all of this and also tried to understand our specific requirements and tailored the system to it.

Our upgrade came just at the start of the March 2020 lockdown, and they were excellent particularly because it came at such a challenging time. There were some teething problems, as an office set up quickly became a home set up, and our requirements were not at first fit for purpose. But Computeam worked to resolve them quickly and get us going. Ray Burdett, in particular, worked really hard to set us up and resolve any problems we had. We even had socially distanced outdoor engineer visits to get us up and running! We are really happy with the service provided by Computeam."

Alok Nayak, CEO & Artistic Director

“There has been a lot of change in such a short time, but it needed to happen. Computeam were very clear from the beginning, of the changes we needed to make and were confident of the outcomes. They had a vision of moving as much of our on site services to the cloud using Microsoft 365 and Teams. We have started to migrate our planning and resources to Teams, it’s so much easier for both staff and students to access. This relieved a lot of pressure on our on-site resources and once the teaching staff had new laptops, it all worked reliably and consistently, wherever we are.

With the new build in place and operational, the transformation in learning and teaching has been great. Staff no longer see technology as a barrier, but have the confidence now to use it effectively to support our curriculum.”

Fiona - Avon Valley College

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