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The Computeam Climate Project

Computeam: Committed to Net Zero

Net zero carbon emissions. That’s what we’ve committed to achieving as a company. The use of technology isn’t carbon neutral, and that’s why we’ve got a long term partnership with Ecologi - we want to constantly be extending our climate-positive action, helping our clients and the overall supply chain become more sustainable.

Current examples of our commitment include:

  An EV car scheme for our team members. Despite us providing many of our managed services remotely, we do still travel to client sites.
  An incentivised scheme for team members who commute by road into one of our regional hubs to encourage ride sharing on their journey.
  A bike to work scheme.
  A long standing partnership with Ecologi means we are a climate positive workforce which we achieve by a mix of reforestation and investments into renewables schemes.
  Ensuring that all packaging we use is fully compostable or recyclable and working with our supply chain to ensure they are following suit.
  A procurement and solutions team focussed on providing the most energy efficient devices and services currently available.

Achieving Net Carbon Zero: We need your help

The UK Government aims to achieve net carbon zero by the year 2050; Computeam are on target to meet that objective five years earlier!  In fact, since 2021, our average carbon emissions per employee have reduced by over 23%.

Since setting our targets, we’ve completed a number of projects to help us reduce our carbon emissions by 18% over the next five years. Including: monitoring environmental outputs and paper recycling in our office, a new hybrid or electric company car scheme, a Veolia zero-waste recycling project, and new energy-efficient LED lighting in our North-West office. Read our full Carbon Reduction Plan.

It sounds like we are doing a lot, but Net Zero is a tough task—one that Computeam are fully committed to with The Computeam Climate Project. But it’s not the actions of one company alone that will change the dial.

We need it to be a whole Edtech sector commitment and that includes our clients. So how can we take things further and help our clients reduce the carbon impact of their systems and devices?

Computeam already provide best of breed top rated EdTech products and services for energy efficiency and sustainability, but even then there is an environmental impact.

So we have come up with an innovative scheme in partnership with some of our biggest suppliers such as Acer for Education where for every device purchased via Computeam we will plant a tree of your very own in our Ecologi forest.

The more devices you purchase the bigger your forest will grow. Not only that you will be provided with a unique link to the forest where you will find a wealth of interesting information and resources that you could share with your pupils, maybe even do a project on the hot topic of environmental impact.

Don’t forget we already recycle all redundant equipment with our innovative Trade2Train scheme.

Learn more about Trade2Train >

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