Can You Afford To Compromise When It Comes To Your School's Data Security?

According to the latest government reports, 71% of secondary schools in the UK identified a cyber breach or attack in the past year, with a barely more encouraging 52% of primary schools being exposed over the same period. 

With these alarming figures in mind, it’s clear that the threat of cyber attacks, and, with it, the vulnerability of sensitive data within schools, isn’t something we can afford to ignore.

What is Data Protection?

The Data Protection Act, updated in 2018, is a vital piece of legislation applied across many different sectors — including education, where schools manage sensitive information about students, parents, teachers, and staff. A security breach in a school’s data can lead to disastrous, often financially devastating consequences, making robust data protection measures indispensable.

What’s more, under the Data Protection Act, individuals have the right to know how their data is used, access it, correct inaccuracies, request deletion, and object to data processing. Non-compliance with these regulations can also result in significant fines.

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Data protection for schools

Support at every stage with Computeam

Data protection can be a complex and daunting subject for many schools. Here at Computeam, we aim to simplify the process by offering tailored solutions and comprehensive support at every stage. Our services are designed to meet educational standards and are scalable to fit the needs of schools of all sizes. By choosing Computeam, schools can ensure their data is secure, comply with legal requirements, and maintain the trust of their communities.

Computeam's Protect-Data Service

Comprehensive data protection solutions

Computeam’s Protect-Data service focuses on securing school data through a tiered approach, incorporating essential technologies like data backup, encryption, and advanced configurations using platforms like Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and Google Workspace. This service allows schools to apply appropriate measures based on data sensitivity, avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions that can be broadly inefficient.

Backup Solutions

Computeam provides both cloud-to-cloud and on-premises backup solutions. These ensure that all school data, whether stored on-site or in the cloud, is protected against loss and can be recovered swiftly in case of corruption or accidental deletion.

Encryption and email security

Encryption is a critical component of Computeam's Protect-Data service, ensuring that all communications are secure. Email security tools guard against threats like phishing and malware, protecting both incoming and outgoing emails from cyber-attacks.

Advanced data protection

Computeam offers advanced configurations to prevent data leaks and set optimal safety guidelines. This includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP) configurations and tailored policy setups, providing schools with enhanced control over their data.

Comprehensive disaster management

In the event of a disaster, Computeam's managed backup and disaster recovery (BCDR) services ensure that schools can quickly retrieve lost data and resume normal operations. This robust disaster management capability is crucial for minimising downtime and maintaining the continuity of educational activities.

Computeam technician at work

Ongoing support and guidance

Security professionals for continued compliance

Computeam's team of experienced security professionals assesses each school's data protection needs, recommending the most suitable solutions. We provide ongoing support, from initial consultation through to implementation and maintenance. Computeam also assists schools in obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification, further strengthening their data protection framework.

How can we help?

Compromising on data security is not an option for schools. With the ever-increasing threats to data privacy, schools must adopt robust protection measures. Computeam’s Protect-Data service provides a reliable, scalable solution to safeguard school data, ensuring peace of mind for educators, students, and parents alike.

If you’d like to find out more about how Computeam can help protect your school’s sensitive data, please do get in touch by clicking the button below.


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