Computeam are Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners

Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners are Microsoft’s most highly accredited partners, who have demonstrated proven expertise in delivering quality services to customers and are among the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide.          

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business is demonstrated through achieving competencies. Microsoft competencies help to set a company apart from the competition by demonstrating specific, proven skill sets to its clients, giving them confidence in a company’s capabilities and expertise.

What does it mean to Computeam?

While it is always nice to be recognised for your achievements, being a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner means much more than a pat on the back or a round of applause. Achieving Gold-partner status is no mean feat, so why did we go to the effort?

  Strengthening our relationship with Microsoft – We like many others in our industry have always used and worked with Microsoft products, but over the last couple of years we have been working more closely with Microsoft, on a number of projects and continuing to improve and develop the skills of our teams, to deliver solutions to our clients that use more of Microsoft’s suite of products supported by appropriate training to get the most from them. Our Gold Partner status demonstrates our commitment to that relationship with Microsoft.

  Direct connection & more business opportunities with Microsoft - Microsoft offers increased involvement with Gold Partners, whether from the beginning of an opportunity, where Microsoft add value through the engagement and discovery process, and technical pre-sales support in architecting solutions through to nurturing and supporting clients as they continue to use and grow their use of Microsoft products and solutions.

  Enhanced Technical Support – our teams have access to dedicated premium support services direct from Microsoft, with guaranteed support times and dedicated escalation teams and processes. This means that out staff are always able to access specialist support should they encounter an issue they cannot resolve themselves.

  Access to licenses for Internal-use, Demos and Proof-of-Concept projects – allowing us to continue to train our staff and develop new solutions to bring to our clients.

  Distinction and identification – Being part of an elite tier of Microsoft partners allows us to stand out from our peers and competitors and demonstrates to both current and prospective clients that we are a trusted, skilled and experienced organisation and by working with us they can “Feel the Computeam Difference”.

  Pride for our Staff – Our staff take great pride in achieving this status and the efforts they put in to achieve and maintain it. What’s more at Computeam, we believe that “Happy Staff = Happy Clients” and our commitment to ensuring our staff receive the regular training needed to achieve and maintain this status, helps them in their own personal development and makes them Happy, which will ultimately benefit our clients!

What does it mean for our clients?

The list above details just some of the reasons, why being a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner is important to us, but we’re not the only ones to benefit. Gold partner status also brings many benefits to our clients.

  Assurance and Confidence – when choosing to work with Computeam, for your Microsoft solutions, you know that we not only say we can help, but have the credentials, experience, skills and training to prove it.

  We’re constantly keeping up to date - with Microsoft's evolving solutions and product portfolio, and the associated competency requirements to ensure we can effectively deliver and support them.

  We’re meeting and maintaining rigorous standards - required to achieve Microsoft Gold Partner status, passing core value and speciality exams on an annual basis

  Direct access to advanced support partners - through Microsoft Business Solutions, providing faster response times and premium support for solutions when needed. As mentioned above (in the benefits to for Computeam), this also means that you can be sure we can resolve any issues, promptly and efficiently, backed by additional support if required.

  Proof-of-Concept projects - giving the flexibility to test ideas for our clients before asking them to commit, so taht they get the benefit of trying or testing a proposed solution before it is implemented.

  Specialist knowledge and advice - With all of the above, you can be sure that any advice you receive from Computeam, comes from a specialist provider, who understands your needs and the options available to you.

This certification, along with all of Computeam’s accreditations and partnerships, demonstrate our commitment to the high standards that we set ourselves and gives our clients the peace of mind and assurance that we are recognised and recommended by the suppliers we work with and meet leading global standards.

Posted on October 5th 2021

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