Computeam Engage - IT Training for greater return

While investment in technology goes some way to improving educational outcomes, training school staff on how to use it effectively will always deliver far more measured and sustainable returns.

With rising energy costs, there’s never been a better time to fully embrace a cloud-first strategy. What’s more, by utilising cost-effective, secure, and compliant platforms to host your cloud services, all the while reducing your on-site hardware commitment, your investments can be focused in the classroom where educational outcomes really count.

Technology in schools has the power to excite, inspire and engage, and an effective training strategy ensures that investment inclassroom skills provides both a return on your investment and improved educational results.

Maximise your tech investments

Computeam Engage is all about putting your technology investments to work for a clear educational outcome. No school is the same, and we are committed to selecting the most productive, tailor-made solution for you. On top of finding the right technology framework for your school, Computeam will also provide vital, ongoing training programs to help maximise the effectiveness of your investment.

We offer a comprehensive range of training options, from ‘off-the-shelf’ courses to those specifically designed based on skill levels and needs. Each core training module is individually created and fully scoped, utilizing skills audits built around the school’s specific requirements. 

Computeam will also highlight any long-term strategic training goals from which each school might benefit. This ensures that technology investments are optimised, while encouraging teacher motivation and confidence in the classroom as the ICT initiatives develop.

Helping fund training goals 

Funding ICT training has often been a stumbling block for many schools, and we have two flagship schemes that could provide an almost cost-free solution: 

Trade2Train is a forward-thinking, ecologically-sustainable scheme which converts outdated, redundant hardware, with secure data destruction with GDPR-compliant certification, into vital training vouchers. Meanwhile, our STEM Rewards programme, backed by Acer and Microsoft, provides free training vouchers when you buy computers for your school. Any school can benefit from STEM-flavoured training vouchers, which can be redeemed against any of the STEM-based courses provided by Computeam.

How can we help?

At Computeam, everything we offer is linked to our mission statement of improving education outcomes through the use of technology. We provide the best, fit-for-purpose education services, it support for schools, products and solutions available, and we ensure that we offer you the vital skills and knowledge required to use them effectively. If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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