Computeam named in Top 10 of worldwide Microsoft Global Training Partners

We're are delighted to announce that Computeam have been named in the top ten of worldwide Microsoft Global Training Partners (GTPs) for January 2024. This placement represents an important indicator that our mission to improve student outcomes through technology is being realised  — all the while ensuring that educators are given the necessary skills and training to help deliver those learning outcomes. We’re hugely proud of this recognition and is a glowing testament to our hard work and vision.

global training partners top 10 for january 2024
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What does it mean to be a Microsoft Global Training Partner?

Being a Microsoft Training Partner means partnering with an elite group committed to transforming education. Global partners focus on innovative teaching and the use of technology to boost student achievements. Computeam, as a GTP, offers comprehensive training aligned with Microsoft's Education Transformation Framework, aiding in digital transformation in educational settings.

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Learning Locker, Computeam's flagship online learning platform, is designed to enhance the educational experience, providing a range of courses tailored for educators. From GDPR compliance to mastering Microsoft and Google platforms, Learning Locker equips staff with vital skills for the digital era.

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