How Does the Computeam Service Desk Work?

Here at Computeam, we are committed to providing first-class technology solutions tailored specifically for schools and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs). At the heart of an exceptional support package is our Service Desk — an easy-to-use online system designed to address and resolve technical issues swiftly and efficiently. 

Service Desk ensures that if any issues do arise, your school can continue to operate with minimal disruption. Here’s a look at how Service Desk works, showcasing its key features:

Central service desk platform

The Service Desk is built on a robust central platform currently in use at around 500 schools across the country, serving as the foundation of our proactive support for educational institutions. Our services are structured around ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards, providing a systematic and professional approach to managing incidents. The platform includes:

Helpdesk software

A feature-rich system that allows for effective logging and management of issues, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked.

Support teams

Our dedicated first, second and third-line engineers are always ready to provide quick fixes and perform remote maintenance tasks. They are the first responders to any issue, making sure that disruptions are minimised.

Advanced support

For more complex or demanding issues, we engage our third-line support. This support tier benefits from Computeam’s broader talent pool, tapping into specialised expertise to resolve intricate problems.

IT technician at Computeam

Accessibility and ease of use

We understand that accessibility is critical for the efficient operation of schools and MATs. Our Service Desk is operational from 08:00 to 17:30, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Users can report issues through multiple channels. Whether by phone, email or using our web portal, users can easily log tickets without hassle.

This service also comes with a specialist support app which can be deployed on all Windows devices within the schools, allowing staff to quickly access the Service Desk, no matter their location.

Self-help tools

Sometimes issues occur that can take a technician minutes to resolve, however to streamline and help the end user to address these sorts of problems themselves without the need to contact our service desk,  we have provided several self-help tools. These allow you to resolve common issues such as clearing a printer queue or resetting a staff or student password within moments.

Proactive monitoring

While a large part of the Service Desk role is to support you – our clients – with issues you experience, we strive to address issues before they become larger, high-impact problems.

Utilising cutting-edge RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) technology, we can be alerted automatically to problems identified with your IT systems and take a prompt, automated response to address them and where needed, have a member of the team take manual interaction to bring a speedy resolution before bigger issues occur!

Continuous improvement and innovation

Our commitment to improvement is ongoing. The recently introduced FastTrack feature on our web portal, for instance, allows key staff members to escalate urgent tickets beyond normal procedures, ensuring rapid response times during critical situations.

The Computeam Service Desk is a comprehensive, intuitive support system that helps schools and MATs resolve technical issues with minimal disruption to the educational process. If you’d like to discover more about Service Desk and find out how it could help your school, please get in touch by clicking the button  below:


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