How to Bridge the Digital Skills Gap in Education

In an era where technology pervades every aspect of society, the education sector must keep pace to prepare students for a tech-reliant future and potential careers in the STEM fields. However, a significant digital skills gap has emerged among educators which, if not addressed, will limit the effective integration of technology in schools.

In a recent Tech4Teachers report by Digital Poverty Alliance, it was revealed that 24% of teachers consider a lack of confidence in their digital skills as a barrier to using technology in learning. Worrying numbers, particularly in a post-pandemic world, where remote and hybrid learning models that rely on technology have become more common.

Bridging the digital skills gap

As the rapid pace of digital transformation creates more challenges for educators, simply providing technology is no longer enough. Teachers need to be equipped with the skills and confidence to utilise these tools effectively. Computeam’s new Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training Programme has been created to tackle these ongoing challenges, giving educators the tools they need to integrate technology seamlessly into their teaching practices, ensuring a tangible return on investment.

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Tailored solutions designed by experienced educators

One of the standout features of Computeam’s training module is its design by former educators who understand the unique pressures and challenges faced in the education sector. As such, each programme has been structured to address the specific needs of teachers and education support staff, ensuring that the training is both relevant and practical. 

Recognising that every school and trust is unique, Computeam offers bespoke training solutions tailored to the individual goals and requirements of each institution. The flexible and customisable timeline allows the training pathway to be adjusted according to the needs and starting points of different educational settings. And, with budgetary constraints being a common roadblock, Computeam’s programme is designed to align with financial resources, emerging needs, and transformation objectives.

For example, we have just released an introductory course on Teaching Online Safety in Schools. A similar course with National College online is £180 per staff member for the one course! For our average Primary School; Learning Locker costs £16 per year per staff member!

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The importance of skills audit and data analysis

With school purchasing power in England at around 3% lower than in 2010, despite an increase in government funding, education facilities are constantly having to prove the effectiveness of their interventions. 

To help schools measure the impact of the digital transformation programme, Computeam employs an in-depth skills audit. This evidence-based approach, inspired by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), helps maximise academic outcomes through cost-effectiveness. By identifying, measuring, and evaluating the chosen transformation metrics, Computeam supports schools in demonstrating the value of their digital strategy investments. This rigorous process ensures that the training programme is aligned with the individual goals of each trust or school, ultimately saving valuable resources in the long term.

Meanwhile, Computeam’s training programme incorporates state-of-the-art data analysis and presentation tools, enabling schools to track progress and showcase the positive outcomes of technology integration. By providing measurable data points, educators and administrators can present compelling evidence of the benefits and success of their digital strategies. This approach helps in justifying the costs incurred and continuously improves the digital literacy skills of the staff.

How can we help?

The digital skills gap in education is a pressing issue that requires immediate and effective solutions. Computeam’s Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training Programme is a comprehensive approach to addressing this challenge, providing educators with the necessary skills and confidence to integrate technology into the classroom. 

To learn more about Computeam’s Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training Programme, please do get in touch by clicking the button below:


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Posted on June 7th 2024

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