ICT Infrastructure for Schools: All Bases Covered by Computeam

Every school should demand an ICT infrastructure that’s reliable and seamless. For complete peace of mind, Computeam will oversee and take responsibility for the design, specification, installation, and management of your ICT infrastructure.

This comprehensive turnkey approach ensures that schools can put technology to use in the classroom while managing costs and resources effectively. But what exactly can you expect from our service plan and how can your school benefit? 

Let’s find out…

Comprehensive ICT management

Computeam’s experienced account management, consultancy, and purchasing team provide end-to-end support for your school. From initial design and specification to installation and ongoing management, our goal is to create an ICT environment that meets the specific needs of each educational institution.

Strategic planning and custom solutions

The primary mechanism for delivering these services is through a strategic planning function. The bottom line of this approach is to design ICT solutions that have each school’s unique requirements in mind. This begins with a thorough assessment of the current infrastructure, identifying any issues and desired outcomes. This initial phase involves understanding each school's specific challenges through meetings or phone conversations.

teachers working with students on laptops

Rigorous assessment process

When a new requirement or IT issue arises, Computeam undertakes a rigorous assessment process to ensure that the solutions provided are effective and sustainable. This process includes:

Understanding current issues

Through meetings or phone conversations, Computeam gathers detailed information about the current issues and desired outcomes.

Reviewing barriers to success

Potential barriers, such as inadequate existing infrastructure, staffing capacity, and budget limitations, are reviewed to develop realistic solutions.

SMART analysis

Requirements are analysed to ensure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Analysing existing systems

The compatibility of new products or solutions with existing hardware and software is assessed.

Considering user needs

Solutions are tailored for specific user needs, such as visually-impaired pupils, ensuring age and needs appropriateness.

Training and support needs analysis

The skills required for successful technology use are assessed, along with necessary training and support requirements.

On-site technical audits

Where necessary, on-site audits confirm key technical requirements.

Computeam technician at work

Tailored ICT solutions

Computeam’s approach is centred on matching the functional needs of the school with appropriate technology options. This includes assessing a range of devices, such as iPads, Google Chromebooks, and Microsoft Surfaces, and narrowing down choices based on non-functional requirements like staff training, existing skills, energy use policies, compatibility with existing systems, and available budget.

Comprehensive proposals

After assessing the school’s requirements, Computeam constructs a cost proposal. For larger projects, our Project Team ensures that all elements — hardware, software, installation, warranty, training, and ongoing support — are included and aligned with the school’s timelines and budget.

Implementation and training

During the implementation phase, Computeam carefully assesses the resources required and their availability. We ensure that staff receive the necessary training, whether through team teaching, twilight sessions, after-school clubs, or cascaded training. This comprehensive approach guarantees that staff can effectively use the new technology and integrate it into their teaching practices.

Ongoing support and iterative process

Recognising that the proposal phase is often iterative, requiring constant testing and reviewing, Computeam regularly meets with key stakeholders to refine the proposal. This collaborative approach ensures that the final proposal meets all requirements, fits within the budget, and aligns with key timelines. The proposal is then signed off digitally for efficiency and convenience.

How can we help?

Through this full-rounded approach to ICT infrastructure, which focuses on outcomes and the provision of ongoing support, Computeam can help schools realise their potential with the help of technology. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch by clicking the button below:


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