Learning with Google

Learning with Google is on February 18th and is Google’s first virtual event dedicated to sharing how they’re building on the momentum of last year to bring the best of Google to education, including new products, features and services to supercharge schools and the people who run them.

Join them for this global live stream where you’ll hear from their leaders, get the latest news and launches across their education products — including G Suite, Classroom, Meet, and Chromebooks — and be inspired by stories from educators around the world who are using Google products to reimagine teaching and learning.

Register here to attend this must see virtual event, with session highlights including;

The next era of G Suite for Education

Google Classroom: What’s New

The Future of Education: Raising the Bar

Google Meet: More Engaging Learning Experiences

Chromebooks: Meeting the Moment for Leaders, Educators & students

Accessibility: Building for Every Learner

Posted on February 1st 2021

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