Why organisations should look at leasing options when purchasing technology

If your school is looking to improve student outcomes and classroom learning experiences using ICT, exploring your leasing options can be a great way to obtain new state-of-the-art technology…without it having a sizable impact on your capital budget. 

As well as the immediate benefits of your school utilzing high-quality computer equipment for both students and educators, leasing can offer a fixed cost for your school’s IT requirements over the next 3 years.

In the current climate, with the rising costs associated with supply chains and component shortages, any plans and budgets that schools have in place may change in the future. So it makes perfect sense to investigate the various leasing options now and reap long-term the benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages involved with leasing computer equipment for your school.

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Bulk purchasing savings

Leasing offers much more flexibility and freedom within your school’s ICT budget than an outright purchase—which also allows you the financial scope to consider bulk buying your equipment and make direct savings. 

Indeed, it’s much more cost-effective to acquire a large number of units at one time, rather than the odd laptop or smart tablet every few months. Combine this with the fiscal benefits involved with installation costs, leasing is a superb option for those school’s whose budgets may be strained.

Residual values 

As technology continues to improve and develop, and new legislations are introduced concerning fixing new equipment, leasing new equipment provides the ability to build in a stronger residual value into any agreement your school signs up to. 

This is particularly evident with the products offered by the likes of Promethean and ViewSonic. In the long term, this can often make a 3-year lease less than an outright purchase, a model comparable to PCP finance options for modern cars.


Ensuring that all classrooms are fitted with the same technology will improve a school’s level of efficiency. Even if teachers and students move between locations within the school, they can expect the same level of performance from their technology. 

Teachers can share resources efficiently without facing the issue of outdated equipment or restricted access if they find themselves in a different classroom.

Better technology can also create an improved learning environment for both staff and students, and will remove any element of frustration. For multi-academy trusts (MATs), if all sites have the same ICT, it's much easier for staff to move around and adapt as they are already familiar with the systems in place.

Better support experience

Ensuring that schools keep up-to-date with the latest technology will invariably result in improved technical support services. For complete peace of mind for your education facility, all devices will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranties—often with next-day onsite support or better.

Meanwhile, your new technology will be equipped to handle faster speeds, guaranteeing maximum return of investment for your school, in both software and infrastructure upgrades.

Energy savings 

While safeguarding the environment remains a critical issue for all sectors of industry and society in general, it’s worth noting that there are huge ecological benefits to be found investing in new technology, rather than relying on outdated equipment for your education needs. 

New ICT is considerably more efficient—and, by refocusing your budget through leasing, your school can help reduce some of the spiraling energy costs that have materialized in the last few months.

Accurate budgeting

As technology develops and becomes more expensive, it will become much harder for organisations to keep pace with the latest ICT. In the long-term, this will have an increased impact throughout the teaching and learning framework. 

Exploring your leasing options with global technology mainstays like Acer, customers can choose to pay a fixed fee on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, ensuring they are able to follow the most up-to-date trends and standards. Increasingly, more products and services are being delivered on a subscription-based model to aid in minimising the impact of organisations falling behind.

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