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Hybrid IT Support for MATs

Computeam offers a blended approach to support Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) that want to retain in-house IT staff in some schools while relying on external expertise in others. Depending on your trust's specific needs, we provide a combination of Smart Support and Core Support, accompanied by MAT-level reporting and strategic planning to standardise IT practices across the school.

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What does Computeam offer?

This flexible approach ensures that institutions benefit from both rapid-response Smart Support and comprehensive Core Support. Our offerings are backed by MAT-level Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and detailed network reporting, providing unparalleled reliability and insight. 

Our use of advanced network design tools, along with thorough wireless surveying and the expertise of our network engineers, guarantees that your network infrastructure is not only thoughtfully designed and implemented but also optimally configured. Whether you're looking for a fully managed service or a specific capital project, Computeam can help your Trust build a robust and efficient ICT infrastructure.

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How do Computeam
provide this service?

Either offered as a managed service or as a one-off capital project, our advanced network design, wireless surveying tools, and skilled network engineers ensure your network is designed, installed, and configured with expertise. The seamless integration of Core Support and Smart Support services to Multi-Academy Trusts, ensures a comprehensive IT support system that is both proactive and reactive. 

You'll benefit from the collaborative approach of Core Support, where our team enhances your in-house IT capabilities with additional expertise, strategic planning, and a focus on cybersecurity to safeguard your educational environment. 

The proactive nature of Smart Support brings on-site technician visits, innovative network solutions, and automated monitoring systems to preemptively tackle issues. This dual service ensures that your MAT receives an all-encompassing IT support solution which maintains seamless operations and secure infrastructure.

How can your MAT benefit?

An excellent support solution for all Multi-Academy Trusts.

  • Greater integration of systems across the trust.
  • Facilitation of shared teaching and administrative processes.
  • Efficient common admin processes, policy management, and form updates.
  • MAT-wide strategic planning for cost-effective procurement.

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