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 Advanced School Data Protection

The Protect element of the Computeam Secure service focuses on the security of school data. A tiered package that includes essential technologies such as data backup, which enables schools to recover data if it has been corrupted or lost, email security tools, encryption, and at a more advanced level, sophisticated configurations using platforms like M365, Azure AD, and Google Workspace.

Choosing a more advanced protection system allows schools a greater level of control over their data. They can apply measures based on the nature and sensitivity of the data, rather than blanket measures applied to all data which can prevent barriers to working.

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What does Computeam offer?

Computeam provides every customer with the best and most effective solution for their data protection requirements. Not only are our solutions designed to meet education standards, but they are scalable too—meaning that no matter how big or small your establishment is, there is a solution for you to ensure that your data is sufficiently protected. 

Looking to fortify your on-site infrastructure or boost the security of cloud platforms such as Office 365 or Google Education? You can have peace of mind with Computeam's comprehensive range of products. We've formed collaborations with some of the industry's leading cyber protection companies to bring schools backup and data protection solutions. These solutions not only offer robust protection against data loss but also ensure schools receive outstanding value for their investment.

Secure Data Management Services

Ensuring robust data protection, from backups to swift recovery, tailored
for your school's needs.


Cloud-to-cloud Backups

Safeguards your cloud-based data.

On-premises Backups

Protects data on-site securely.

Encryption & Email Security


Encrypts every communication.

Email Security

Guards all received and sent emails.

Advanced Data Protection

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Configuration

Prevents potential data leaks.

Policy Setups

Sets optimal data safety guidelines.

Comprehensive Disaster Management

Managed Backup

Retrieves data reliably.

Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Guarantees fast recovery post-emergencies.

How do Computeam
provide this service?

At Computeam, our team of friendly, dedicated, and experienced security professionals will assess and identify the most appropriate solution for your school and support you in every step thereafter.

Our team will evaluate your school’s data protection, advise on improvements, and assist in obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification. We offer either consultations or a Computeam Cyber Security Audit to identify areas for growth, guiding both the school and Computeam towards enhanced data protection strategies.

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How can your school benefit?

Many schools can find the subject of data protection challenging, and for a lot of schools, it often becomes a confusing topic with so many data protection products out there. 

Support at every stage

Here at Computeam, we ensure that you are supported at every stage of the process. Whether it’s the initial consultation phase, or the management phase after everything is installed and working, you will be supported. Every solution that we provide is tailored to your school’s needs, and our friendly team will ensure that all your data protection objectives are met.

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