Roadmap for Microsoft Products & Panned Support End Dates

This document will provide you with information in regards to Microsofts planned 'End of Life' for their software and operating systems.  

Download here!

Terms & Conditions for the Sale of Hardware

This document outlines the terms and conditions for the sale of hardware.   

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Computeam Technical Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This document outlines the Computeam Technical Support Service Level Agreement (SLA). It provides further detail about the types of service each Computeam client is entitled to receive and what to expect in terms of hours of cover and response times.

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Welcome to Smart Support

This document is designed as a quick "how to guide" for new and existing clients who may have been used to a slightly different model of support with us, or another IT provider in the past. 

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Protecting your Schools from Cyber Attack

This document provides information regarding the National Cyber Security Centre's alert to schools covering increased ransomware attacks in the education sector as well as information on preventing and recovering from such attacks.  

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Trade2Train from Computeam

A recycling service focused on value recovery for the education sector turning old devices into CPD training for schools.

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