Case Study: St William of York

In the past, most schools have taken broadband services as part of their local authority's wide area network (or WAN) service agreement, but these days there are alternative options to consider in a fast-changing market.

Computeam has joined forces with Zen Internet to offer a range of broadband connectivity options, complete with a fully managed firewall that will filter internet traffic whilst giving you control over the websites you want pupils to see. Many of our existing clients have found benefit in taking this service alongside our ICT support and advice, because there is a single provider delivering all of a school's ICT needs:

We moved from the local authority provision to Computeam's internet a couple of years ago and are now experiencing a reliable and robust connection.

This option allows us more control over what we can access which gives teachers greater flexibility enabling them to use valuable internet resources and plan dynamic and engaging lessons.

As we already use Computeam for our IT support we now have a more integrated approach to our ICT generally.

Vicky Lane, ICT Co-ordinator, St William of York Primary School, Bolton

Choosing a broadband provider isn't just about the speed of the connection but our Fibre Broadband service can deliver speeds of up to 72Mbps, and while it's not available in every area, more and more locations are becoming fibre enabled.

Aside from the speed of the connection, schools need to consider the security of their internet link and the filtering tools that are available to ensure that pupils are kept safe online. Computeam Connect is secured with a high end firewall which we configure specifically for your school, and we use a state of the art 'Bottle Rocket' from Lightspeed to ensure that your filtering policies can be set exactly as you want them. You can even schedule different policies for different times of the day!

An important decision like choosing your school broadband package should be considered carefully and we're here to help with the advice and guidance as well as the supply. It takes time to get all the options Please get in touch with us if you are thinking about your future provision.

Posted on January 7th 2018

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