Case Study: Four Oaks Primary School

Four Oaks Primary school in Liverpool has excellent levels of equipment and teaching staff are enthusiastic and effective users of technology in the classroom. The school also benefits from a highly immersive 4D room. 

Year 6 teachers were looking for an approach that brought together a project based on the second world war and specifically the development of the tank. This element of the project was specifially targeted at boys to stimulate writing. 

The school has an annual curriculum support contract that provides unlimited curriculum guidance and 12 sessions with our experienced qualified teacher consultants. 

Using our ActiveLens augmented technology with the 4D room, the topic was brought to life with incredible effect, showing pupils an early Mark 1 Landship (the original name for tanks) from the battle of the Somme. From this starting point, pupils were tasked with researching and reporting on the development of the tank through to the second world war. Using Touchcast on the same iPads, the children developed scripts and green screened themselves back in time to report on how it would feel to see a monstrous landship lumbering across a shattered no mans land in 1916. 

Continuing with the iPads, the pupils used the Creative Book Builder App to bring their reporting and story telling together.

Posted on January 8th 2018

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