Case Study: St Teresa's, Manchester

St Teresa's is located within a suburban setting close to Old Trafford in Manchester.

The school chose 12 Gifted and talented pupils from year 3-6 to take part in the Mars Outbreak Project, where the pupils became Delta colony on Mars for the period of the project.

The project was carried out for one afternoon a week over five weeks. The pupils responded enthusiastically to the project and soon engaged in their roles as Martian colonists with enthusiasm.

The pupils always worked collaboratively in mixed year age groups from Year 3 – 6 using a variety of skills and competences. The pupils established the qualities that colonists in Mars may need.

The maths tasked allowed pupils to solve the real problems that they were faced as colonists. Pupils worked in teams and could use any method of calculation to solve the problems

Here is an email sent by them to Mars command on completion of the maths task:


We are talking on behalf of the Delta colony. We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we have worked the calculation out, but the bad news is that...WE MIGHT DIE! Here are our calculations. We have 11 days and two hours worth of water. The shipment will arrive in 41 days and 16 hours. However we have 30 days without water, but we are going to use all of our machinery. We will use all our machinery to dig a hole. We will dig a small hole to sample the liquid, the liquid might be dirty. If it is we will get the medical group to clean it and check it.

Your sincerely

Delta Colony"

Posted on February 4th 2018

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