Computeam are Investors In People Gold!

invest-in-people-gold-R-1.png (invest-in-people-gold-r-1-2.png)

It's official..... we are GOLD! The whole team is delighted that we have been awarded the Investors In People Gold accreditation. The assessment report makes great reading and its hard to select the highlights but these few sentences sum it up pretty well:

"Strengths identified in the survey were also reflected throughout your interviews, showing clear planning and communication of your vision, mission and business plan, together with values led leadership, and people describing how leaders act as role models for your values, creating a strong understanding not only of what people are expected to achieve, but also how this needs to be achieved. This creates a culture of consistency and trust in which people can perform effectively, with roles also encouraging people to take increasing levels of accountability and responsibility, and decision making guided by clear values. People are encouraged to work as one team, with opportunities for people to carry out their roles irrespective of location, supporting people to engage in ideas, improvement and knowledge sharing. This ultimately leads to thought leadership, identifying future technology and innovation, enabling the business to differentiate itself with partners and clients through knowledge, expertise and learning"

See the full press release here!

Posted by Cris Cadby on March 19th 2021

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