Computeam attend STEM Day for Primary Computing Curriculum

If Computeam’s mission statement is to improve educational outcomes through the use of technology, then our recent attendance at the STEM Day for Primary Computing Curriculum within the Lincoln Anglian Academy Trust (LAAT) was a perfect demonstration of this idea in action. 

The event, co-led by Computeam’s very own Education and Training Lead Mandi Jackson and John Jeffries from, brought together computing leads from various schools to share, learn, and create together, showcasing the powerful role technology can play in education.

Collaboration and creativity

One of the highlights of the STEM day was the emphasis on collaborative learning. Educators were put into groups to focus on creating practical "How To" video guides for various computing topics.

These tools were used as part of a trust-wide digital transformation project aimed at reducing staff workload and enhancing collaboration across different schools in the Trust. The setup allowed users to work together and share expertise and experiences, a key component of developing effective educational strategies.

Practical learning tools

The topics covered by the groups ranged from KS1 Scratch Jr to more advanced subjects like KS2 Data Logging with Micro:bits and Audacity. The aim was to produce resources that could simplify lesson planning and enrich the curriculum across the trust. 

Importantly, these "How To" video guides are designed specifically for education staff. Once uploaded within a teaching and learning team, the videos could be accessed in a shared tenancy across the Trust —  meaning 100s of teachers are able revisit resources to support their computing curriculum. Making these guides accessible and illustrating their real-world benefits was a positive step towards creating more interactive and engaging learning environments.

LATT computing event with Computeam

Advantages and benefits

The feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive, with teachers highlighting several features that made the experience a rewarding one. The hands-on engagement with technology was particularly beneficial, showcasing exactly how the tools could be used within the classroom, beyond their traditional application.

Working directly with the software is an effective way of demystifying technology and increasing confidence in its use. The benefits of these videos include:

   Videos can be accessed at a time that suits individual teachers.

   Video content serves as a useful resource for staff induction and ongoing training.

   Save significant amounts of training time by not having to individually train staff on certain topics.

   Offer staff more control over their own professional development.

   Workload is distributed across the trust, leveraging the collective effort for greater efficiency.

STEM day video tutorials
LATT Computing SL event

"It was great to see the transition from Primary to Secondary and what the expectations are!"

Paul - William Lovell CE Secondary

Flexible learning and creativity

Creating and using video guides significantly influenced teaching strategies. Teachers found they were able to simplify complex information and make it more accessible to students. By focusing on core concepts rather than memorising every curriculum detail, educators found a more effective way to teach.

The event also underscored the value of flexible teaching methods, giving educators the agency to think outside the box of strict lesson plans. The ability to adjust and innovate within the curriculum led teachers to adopt a more creative approach, improving the educational experience for students.

How can we help?

For Computeam, the event was hugely valuable, reinforcing our belief in the transformative potential of technology in education. Seeing the enthusiasm and innovative approaches of the teachers inspires us to continue developing solutions that meet the evolving needs of both educators and students. If you’d like to find out more about how technology can improve educational outcomes in your school or trust, please get in touch.

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Posted on April 4th 2024

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