Computeam build partnership with NAACE — The National Association for Education Technology

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We are delighted to announce a new partnership with The National Association for Education Technology [NAACE]. 

Within this ongoing collaboration, Computeam have become an EdTech Element sponsor for Professional Development as part of NAACE’s ongoing research project — EdTech: Where are we now? — for which we will be providing valuable direction and industry insights on this important issue. 

We’re thrilled to be working with an organisation whose values and passion for education and technology align so closely with our own.

Who is NAACE?

NAACE is a professional association that brings together educators, leaders, and consultants in the UK, all committed to enhancing education through technology. They support schools by providing essential resources, including the latest educational technology research, examples of best practices through the NaaceMark award, and access to the EdTech Review Framework. 

This framework helps schools assess and enhance their technology use. NAACE also conducts independent research to explore the current state of educational technology, its challenges, and potential strategies for improvement.

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EdTech: Where are we now? research programme

Computeam is excited to support NAACE's EdTech: Where are we now? research program. Launched in January 2024, this 12-month study involves all UK schools to examine their current use of technology and identify paths for enhancement. 

The research aligns with the NAACE EdTech Review Framework, which has already aided 14,000 schools in mapping their technological advancements. By focusing on key features such as leadership, teaching, assessment, safeguarding, professional development, and resources, this project provides a holistic and independent appraisal of EdTech in UK schools. 

To support this important research, schools are encouraged to complete NAACE’s EdTech Survey, to help them understand the current climate of education and technology and make informed plans for improvement — which you can do by following the link below.

As sponsors of the Professional Development element, Computeam is committed to contributing to the development of best practices, reinforcing our dedication to using technology to improve the educational experience.

Complete the 2024 EdTech Survey

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