Computeam Commit to Climate Positive Workforce with Ecologi

When it comes to the relationship between computer technology and the environment, some people assume that it can be boiled down to one simple formula: environment = good; computer technology = bad, and never shall the two find harmony. 

Well, it’s not quite that simple.

There are, in fact, many often overlooked positive impacts that computers have had on the environment in modern times. Emails, for example, have completely revolutionised the way in which we communicate. Not only are they a rapid method of keeping in touch with our colleagues, family and friends; they also completely eradicate the need for paper. 

Less paper means fewer trees are cut down.

Meanwhile, video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom drastically reduce the need for physical meetings, thus cutting fuel consumption and the resultant carbon emissions into our atmosphere. Remote learning and work opportunities through technology also put a huge dent in our commuting habits and reduce the need for carbon-emitting office and classroom space.

Despite these planet-friendly benefits, here at Computeam, we are fully aware of the environmental issues associated with the computer technology sector. While a PC’s drain on the grid is minimal compared to that of household appliances, there are genuine ecological challenges to meet with regard to computer hardware production, energy waste, and landfill waste created by discarded technology.

It’s up to us, then, as Ed Tech specialists, to understand those effects and do everything in our power to reduce their impact. 

Taking responsibility

So, we must accept that, despite always aiming to find technology solutions with the lowest environmental impact possible, Computeam can always strive to do more. This starts by ensuring that our workforce is climate positive and taking the necessary steps towards becoming carbon neutral.

This is where our partnership with Ecologi comes in...

Climate positive workforce

Ecologi recognise that humankind’s collective home is in perilous danger—and the world’s governments aren’t doing enough to reverse the rapidly surging tide. Instead, they are calling on businesses and individuals to take personal responsibility and help actively engage with the biggest threat of our generation. 

Collectively, with a little contribution from a lot of people, Ecologi believe we have the power to safeguard our future.

The environmental organisation’s aim is to facilitate the funding of global carbon offset projects and tree planting. Their mission? To reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year. 

Our partnership with Ecologi ensures that every one of our staff members will become climate positive. This means they’ll be offsetting their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their work, as well as home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and much more.

Tree planting!

Computeam will also be involved in funding the planet’s most efficient climate crisis solutions. Each month, we’ll be planting groves of trees in our company forest, and financing carbon reduction projects from around the world. We will soon be offering our clients the opportunity to speed up the growth of our forest by adding a small carbon offset contribution to our projects too.

We’re extremely excited and proud to be starting our climate-positive journey with Ecologi, and, if you’d like to keep tabs of how we’re doing with our tree-planting commitment, take a look at the Ecologi tree tracker badge at the bottom of our website.

Let's make a difference together!

Posted on September 10th 2021

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