Computeam Risk Assessment Statement for Staff Working in the Field

We have completed a Covid-19 Risk Assessment to enable us to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our team whilst continuing to deliver services to our clients.

Computeam will seek to complete technical tasks remotely where possible with the majority of staff working from home. Where staff are required to attend site to perform important IT maintenance or upgrade work the following guidance has been issued:

  • Computeam Staff are to travel to and from site alone by car (or bicycle if distances are short), avoiding public transport
  • Computeam Staff are to wash their hands or sanitise their hands upon arrival and before departure from each client site
  • Computeam Staff must practice social distancing while on client site, maintaining a distance of 2m from Client Staff and members of the public at all times
  • Where required to work in a small or enclosed space (e.g. a Server Room), Clients are asked to give the space over for the exclusive use of our Staff while the work takes place.
  • All client sign offs are to be done electronically and remotely via Email rather than via the Staff member’s mobile device.
  • Computeam Staff are expected to follow any additional safety measures requested by Clients whilst on site, provided they do not compromise the above guidance.

Having assessed the suitability of PPE and in accordance with government guidelines there is no general requirement for Computeam staff to wear PPE, and doing so could reduce the effectiveness of the other hygiene and social distancing measures we have put in place in some cases.

Computeam Staff are free to utilise face coverings if they prefer to outside of schools, although it is not a requirement and they should be mindful of the requirements of schools to safeguard pupils and the potential alarm that might be caused to younger children.

Posted on May 20th 2020

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