Create an Immersive Learning Experience with the brand new Promethean V6 4K Panel

This exciting product has been installed into our customer experience centre and showcases the innovative new technology that Promethean products bring to create an immersive learning experience.

The benefits to teaching and learning alike are significant when compared to other touchscreens. We believe the key features for schools are:

·       An intuitive, user-friendly, tablet-like interface allows teachers to focus on teaching instead of the technology.

·       Easy connectivity - mirror display for mobile devices and easy connection of Bluetooth devices to dive deeper into the world of immersive learning for your subject area

·       Free educational software that comes as standard with the ActivPanel to deliver interactive, multimedia lessons offline or online

As part of our Computeam Engage bundle, these screens also come with pre-downloaded educational apps which can be accessed directly from the homescreen, and training services to ensure that staff get the best educational return on investment.

The ActivPanel PC is future-proof and easily updatable to keep up with the fast paced advancements being making in computing technology for the classroom.

Arrange a Demo today

As Platinum Partners of Promethean, we love to receive the latest technology into our office to showcase to clients and potential partners alike – you are welcome to visit us. If you would prefer an on-site demonstration of this exciting new technology, we have a 65” version which is available to bring to you to explore how this product can create an immersive learning environment in your school!

Computeam Engage Bundle

As part of our Computeam Engage service you can take your investment in creating an immersive learning environment to the next level. Computeam Engage offers:

·       High Quality technology, installed in the right context for your classroom

·       User orientation & curriculum training services in every bundle

·       Affordable annual rental instead of a large capital purchase

We also offer competitive installed pricing and a range of training options for one-off purchase.

Get in contact today to discuss how the Promethean V6 4K panel can enhance your school’s learning experience.

Posted on May 1st 2018

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