How to Avoid IT Stress in September

Get Your Support Requests Logged with Service Desk

As the school year comes to an end, you might be looking forward to a well-deserved break. But, before the finish of the current academic year, there’s one thing you should do to make life easier for your return: 

Get your support requests logged with the Service Desk!

You might think that you can leave things like account creations, password resets, software installation, or device repairs until September, but that can cause lots of unnecessary stress and frustration for both you and the IT team. 

Imagine coming back to school in September and finding out that your new students can't access their online learning platforms, or that you don't have the latest version of key software you need for your lessons, or that new staff members do not have a working email account. 

That's why we recommend that you get your requests logged with the Service Desk before the holidays — so that they can work on them during the quieter period and have them ready for you when you come back. This way, you can avoid the rush and the hassle of dealing with IT issues in September, and focus on what matters most: teaching and learning.

IT technician at Computeam

What types of IT requests should you log before the holidays?

There are many types of IT requests that you can log before the holidays, depending on your role and needs. Here are some examples of common IT requests that you should log ahead of time:

Account creation requests

You will likely be having new colleagues join you in September. If this is the case and email accounts or computer logins are needed for your new colleagues, you can get those requests submitted now. 

We’ll ensure all the required accounts are live and working so your new colleagues can hit the ground running!  The same goes for student accounts. If your new intake will be using IT in the schools and need logins, then get these requests submitted before the holidays to ensure the accounts are ready to go from September!

Account removals

If you have staff members (or even students) leaving you before the next academic year, then account removal requests can be logged ahead of time. Just let us know their last day, and we can schedule the work ahead of time so that these are actioned promptly!

Password reset requests

You may want to ensure that all of your students can log onto school Chromebooks or any other device. If you are planning on asking for password reset requests for some or all of your student accounts, then please get these requests submitted and we can carry this out over the summer period.

Software installations/upgrades

Is there a new piece of software your school has purchased for use in the next academic year? Or is there an existing piece of software that needs upgrading or installing on devices? Giving us advanced notice means we can get this in place, ready for deployment to all necessary devices ahead of September.

Planned site works

It’s common for schools to undertake building or electrical work over the summer. If you are expecting power to be turned off at any point between the end of term and the start of the next academic year, please do let us know. 

That way, when automated alerts land on our service desk informing us that servers are currently down or your school’s internet line connection is disconnected, we will know why. 

These are just some examples of the types of requests that you can log before the holidays. Of course, you might have other IT needs that are not listed here, and that's fine. Just make sure that you log them as soon as possible so we can provide the necessary support.

IT technician at Computeam

Benefits of logging your IT requests before the holidays

There are numerous benefits to gain from logging your IT requests before the holidays. Here are just a few examples that we think you'll appreciate. Don’t delay! Log your IT requests today and enjoy a stress-free September!

Ensure that systems are working and accounts are in place to start the new term smoothly.

Avoid the stress and frustration of dealing with IT issues in September, when the IT team is busy and overwhelmed with requests.

Save time and energy that you can use for other important tasks.

How to log your support requests

Logging your request is quick and easy:

Log any requests directly in the Computeam Client Portal which should be installed on your computer, or access it by clicking the button below:

Computeam Client Portal

  E-mail your request to 

  Phone us on 0800 862 0123

That's it! You can track the status of your request in the portal, and you can also contact the team via email or phone if you have any other questions or concerns.

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