Introducing the Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training Programme

In an early 2019 Microsoft research study investigating the accessibility of technology in education, it was concluded that, on the whole, teachers lacked the ‘confidence, tools, knowledge and environment to deliver the education students need to succeed in the future’.

A somewhat alarming headline—one underlined by the fact that just 15% of the education professionals surveyed felt confident using technology. Research also revealed that a meagre 33% had received any hands-on digital skills training, while a significant 47% of those teachers expressed an inability to access sufficient training to support their students effectively. 

Now, in a post-pandemic educational landscape, one in which technology plays an even more integral role in the classroom, these issues once again take centre stage. 

In response to the challenges highlighted by the Microsoft report, Computeam is delighted to introduce our new Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training Programme—designed specifically to address the technology requirements of schools and academies across the UK.

Bridging the digital skills gap

There’s an urgent need to bridge the digital skills gap in education, given the accelerated progress of digital transformation in the last few years—and here at Computeam, we recognise the numerous roadblocks that teaching and non-teaching staff often face to keep up with the rapid pace of technology progression. 

Gone are the days when simply providing schools with advanced technology would be sufficient; it is now imperative that staff are able to maximise these vital resources to ensure a tangible return on investment. Our new training programme goes a step beyond just providing state-of-the hardware and software; our aim is to engender educators with the confidence and skills they need to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices.

A programme designed by experienced educators

A unique aspect of Computeam’s new training module is that it has been structured and developed by ex-teachers who possess the necessary hands-on experience within the education sector. As market leaders in providing effective ICT solutions for schools, we both understand the pressing need for educators to enhance their digital literacy skills and the challenges that teaching staff often face in high-pressure, time-constrained environments.

Tailored solutions for your education setting

We understand that every school and trust is unique, and, as such, our bespoke training solutions are designed with your specific goals and requirements in mind.  With our flexible and customisable timeline, we can provide a training pathway that suits the individual needs of your educational setting, regardless of your starting point. What’s more, with the ever-demanding budgetary constraints faced by schools and academies, timelines can also be adjusted to align with your financial resources, emerging needs, and transformation objectives.

The importance of skills audit

To ensure that the digital transformation programme we implement yields the desired outcome, we utilise a skills audit as a vital tool for measuring impact. We are committed to maximising the academic end product through evidence-based research and cost-effectiveness, inspired by the work of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). By identifying, measuring, and evaluating the chosen transformation metrics, we aim to support schools in demonstrating the worth of their digital strategy investments. 

Schools are under constant scrutiny to prove the effectiveness of their interventions and justify the costs incurred, and our transformation metrics are custom-designed to suit the unique needs of each trust or school, ensuring that the training programme aligns with their goals and helps them save valuable resources in the long term.

Our training programme incorporates innovative and up-to-date data analysis and presentation tools, allowing schools to track progress and showcase the positive outcomes resulting from the integration of technology. By providing measurable data points, we enable educators and administrators to present compelling evidence of the benefits and success of their digital strategies.

Introducing Mandi Jackson: your new training partner

As part of our expansion into the training sector, we are thrilled to welcome Mandi Jackson to the team. With 15 years of experience in education, including middle and senior leadership roles and a strong academic background, Mandi

brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role within Computeam. As a Digital Transformation Consultant, Mandi is committed to providing high-quality consultancy services to guide schools and academies through their digital transformation journey.

In her role, Mandi will work closely with schools and academies to understand the individual demands and challenges they face. She will provide personalised consultancy, offering insights and strategies to support the successful implementation of digital technologies in the classroom and across the institution. Whether it's developing a comprehensive technology-enhanced learning strategy or addressing specific areas of need, Mandi will be there to provide guidance at every juncture.

Cybersecurity and technostress: addressing key challenges

Schools are often viewed as soft targets for cybercrime, with a significant number of them lacking adequate cybersecurity training for their staff. To combat this issue, our new training platform offers flexible self-directed training on cybercrime. Staff members can conveniently log in anytime and anywhere to complete the online course, gaining valuable knowledge and certification to protect themselves and their students in the digital realm.

Meanwhile, technostress, which refers to the pressure of seamlessly integrating technology into teaching practices, has been proven to decrease job satisfaction and negatively impact staff well-being. By offering mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities on technology integration, our training module provides the necessary support and resources to alleviate the burden on educators. Our aim is to improve teacher retention rates and create a positive and supportive environment for staff, ultimately enhancing the overall well-being and satisfaction of educators.

Looking for more technology training options for your school? 

Try Learning Locker

Learning Locker is an online training platform tailored specifically for staff in educational settings. With a range of compliance courses, including GDPR and Cyber Security, and upskilling courses for Microsoft and Google platforms, Learning Locker provides self-directed training that can be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices. 

While course completion can be monitored and tracked by school administrators, the platform also enables the creation and hosting of school-specific learning content, including induction materials, behaviour policies, and performance management resources. With Mandi Jackson as our new Learning Locker manager and administrative lead, these specially-designed courses aim to help educators embrace and effectively utilise digital tools and technologies in the modern classroom.

How can Computeam we help?

Computeam's new Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training Programme aims to address the pressing challenges faced by educational institutions in the digital age. By focusing on bridging the digital skills gap, providing fully customised solutions, and utilising data-driven metrics, we provide hard-working educators with the skills and training they need to maximise the potential of technology in their educational environment. With our comprehensive training programme, we are committed to supporting teachers in their journey towards effective technology integration, ultimately benefiting both staff and students. 

If you’re an existing school or trust already working with Computeam and are interested in our Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training programme, we’d recommend contacting your allocated account manager to enquire about adding this latest module to your managed service package. Or, alternatively, if you’re new to Computeam, please do get in touch, and we’d be happy to discuss your options.

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Posted on June 30th 2023

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