Re-engaging Students After The School Holidays with EdTech

The post-holiday period for many students can bring a real lack of motivation. Faced with the task of transitioning from ‘switch-off mode’ to a regular routine is difficult for anyone, but for students it can be particularly difficult.

Are you looking for ways to reignite student focus and engagement, both in and out of the classroom?

Say “Hello” to EdTech, or Education technology as it is otherwise known. EdTech makes learning convenient, current and exciting.

Here are 3 reasons why EdTech is the key to reengagement during the post-holiday lull.

EdTech is the future!

EdTech, has come a long way from it’s creation at Stanford University in the Sixties. EdTech encompasses so much more than simply using computers to teach maths and reading to children online.

Students love the internet and technology and use it to near enough everything from communication to shopping.

Technology gets students excited, through EdTech it is now possible for them to submit homework online, access entire online Key Stage/GCSE/A-level/degree platforms, use informal mobile learning applications, explore gamification and virtual reality techniques.

Who doesn’t love discovering something new?

Collaboration can be key

Studying can be isolating and many work better when working with other students.

Therefore, during this difficult period EdTech can make it more convenient for students to team up and collaborate with one another.

Collaboration doesn’t have to stop in the classroom; EdTech makes working together more flexible, students can communicate both in the classroom and at home, as well as share their work online.

Eliminate homework worries

Students stress about homework, mostly because they leave it too late before the deadline to complete it. Unfortunately, technology can’t eliminate poor time management but it can help students who don’t fully understand the task and may be worrying about completing their homework at home.

With Edtech, students and teachers can stay in touch all the time without teachers needing to hand their personal phone numbers or emails out.

There are a variety of apps available that allow students to communicate with teachers. Students can get homework help and teachers can send important reminders (to those who struggle with time management!).

Thinking to the future, encouraging collaboration and erasing worry woes around homework are just some of the ways in which EdTech can reactivate the study bug in all students!

Posted on April 17th 2018

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