Securly Student Wellness Week 2023

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We work with Securly, cloud-based online filtering for schools as part of our Connect service, to provide students with a safe and secure connection across any school device, whether they're using it at school or at home. 

You're invited...

Online student safety company, Securly, are holding three events for anyone interested in learning more about student wellbeing best practices. 

The three topics are: 

  • Creating a culture that supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)
  • Getting in front of youth anxiety, depression, and suicide
  • Improving student outcomes using trauma-informed practices

The three fantastic and incredibly important keynote sessions will be delivered by Dr Robert Avossa, Dean Wilson, and Dr Lateshia Woodley followed by roundtable sessions giving attendees the opportunity to have a discussion with Securly's guest speakers and a few of the Securly team.

You can find out more information on the full week here. Or register your interest for the specific sessions using the links below.

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Creating a School Culture that Supports DEI & B

Dr Robert Avossa, Ed.D. will be hosting a panel of current and former district leaders who will be sharing their personal experience with DEI & B initiatives, as well as ideas and inspiration for creating more culturally aware school communities.

March 7th 2023 @ 6:00pm GMT

Learn more and reserve your place >

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Getting in Front of Child and Adolescent Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide

Dean Wilson, co-founder of You Got This (YGT), a youth suicide prevention organisation and Director of Student Services of Utah's Uintah School District will be sharing ways schools and student services teams can makes sure they're supporting student safety and wellness effectively and proactively.

March 8th 2023 @ 6pm GMT

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Using Trauma-Informed Practices to Deliver Improved Student Outcomes

Dr Leteshia Woodley, former Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for Kansas City Public Schools, will be sharing how student services teams and educators can use trauma-informed practices to support student wellness, create sager schools and communities, and improve their student outcomes.

March 9th 2023 @ 6:00pm GMT

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Posted on March 1st 2023

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