What Is Smart Support and How Can Your School Benefit?

Nowhere is Computeam’s core mission statement — to improve educational outcomes through technology — better demonstrated than in our dedication to improving, adapting and streamlining IT support for schools

Part of this principle centres on the belief that a school’s IT estate is only as good as its ability to respond to technical issues and resolve them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Or, better yet, identify the problems before they materialise. 

Through Smart Support, Computeam can offer a much faster, more reactive IT support service for your school; one that includes strategic planning, SLA monitoring, and reporting at no additional cost, guaranteeing ongoing IT improvements that align with your school’s technology growth and development plans.

This exceptional IT support package also includes monthly reporting on network performance, guiding strategic investments for optimal results, and backup and antivirus checks, which are cornerstones of robust data security measures.

A deep dive into Smart Support

What can your school expect?

A highly recommended IT solution for primary and SEND schools, Smart Support uses a combination of responsive assistance from our ITIL-certified service desk and proactive maintenance visits by a dedicated technician — who, over time, will develop an in-depth understanding of your school’s processes and IT infrastructure, delivering a support service that is tailored to your school’s specific needs. 

While the service provides hands-on technical expertise, importantly, investing in Computeam’s Smart Support system means that you are not required to await a technician’s scheduled visit before a problem can be resolved.

Using a sophisticated remote monitoring and management platform, we are able to streamline our services and automate routine support tasks — so that our technicians are afforded more valuable time to spend completing proactive tasks and improving the overall performance of your network and IT systems during scheduled visits.

IT technician at Computeam

Addressing IT issues before they arise with RMM

What is remote monitoring and management?

Our cutting-edge remote monitoring and management (RMM) system offers clients instant remote support while proactively monitoring IT systems and alerting our technicians if any issues arise. If your network has gone down or you're approaching critically low disk space, we will be notified immediately and our technicians will address the problem… without you having to do a thing! 

Through persistent monitoring of your school's network, issues can be identified before they’ve had a chance to make an impact, all the while your system will remain safe through constant updating of your operating systems, antivirus and firewalls.  

Case Study

A Partnership Approach with Mayfield School

Using RMM endpoint management tools for Mayfield School's Windows devices, Computeam could provide staff with a ticketed Helpdesk solution with backup Support. This enabled us to build a detailed picture of the IT issues. From our evaluation and evidence, we were able to demonstrate the benefits of moving to a cloud server solution...

Read the case study

IT Support when your school needs it most

Flexible, unlimited, reactive assistance

If an issue does arise, there are a number of ways in which to contact us for assistance within your Smart Support service package. Whether you’re working from home or on location at school, we offer several methods for logging support requests. Flexible, unlimited, reactive support to help resolve issues swiftly and efficiently.

How to log a request:

Email us at info@computeam.co.uk

Call us on 0800 862 0123

Use Computeam’s ticket-logging app

Use our Customer Ticket portal

Visit our Website

How can we help?

Smart Support offers unlimited, all-year-round reactive assistance from our office-based service team — dedicated IT experts who will deliver both remote and on-site support, depending on the nature of the issue. 

If your school is facing a critical issue that cannot be resolved remotely — no cause for alarm! Your Smart Support package comes with unlimited on-site reactive visits to resolve any number of IT challenges, at a time that suits you and your department.

If you’d like to find out more about Smart Support and discover how your school could benefit, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your options.

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