Working-Teaching-Learning From Home - CompuNews: Part Nine

Secure at home with Securly

Computeam have been recommending Securly as part of Computeam Connect for long time (Internet for school) as it is such an innovative and powerful tool for online safeguarding and filtering within education.

A high number of our clients are now using Securly on a daily basis within their schools but are you aware of the power of Securly at home? This additional service is now being offered free by Securly and will really help teachers, parents and pupils alike ensure that they are able to work in the same  secure and safe environment which they have within school at home.

Securlys’ co-founder and CEO Vinay Mahadik writes more HERE in his company update

As always Computeam are here to help and we have a wealth of experience in securing schools with Securly so please do contact us for details of how we can help get yu set up and secured.

We have a data sheet which contains FAQs which you can read in detail:

Posted on March 27th 2020

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