Working-Teaching-Learning From Home - CompuNews: Part Three

Microsoft Teams Webinar

When: March 19, 2020 4:00 PM (Europe/London)

Most, if not all , schools have an Office 365 account and as such have a wealth of resources available to them to work remotely and deliver meaningful content to students.

EduDays are running a 60 minute webinar to provide an overview of what is possible, Computeam are here to help so please do get in touch after the webinar to discuss any of the many options available to educators.

The webinar will focus on answering the following questions.

  1. O365: How to get started with Microsoft Teams 
  2. How can I access important files when I am not in school? 
  3. How do I hold video meetings with students or other staff? 
  4. How am I best running remote leaning? 
  5. How can I monitor what work my students are doing? 
  6. How can I give feedback on projects that my students are working on? 
  7. How can I mark or grade work that students have completed? 
  8. How can I help my students if they are stuck? 
  9. How can students still work collaboratively even if they are not in the same place? 
  10. How can I make engaging quizzes and games for my students?

You can register here for the event this afternoon below!

Posted on March 18th 2020

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