Achieving Net Carbon Zero

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Our progress so far

The UK Government target is to achieve net carbon zero by the year 2050. As a business, we’re looking to achieve that five years sooner, and as you can see from these graphs in 2022 we were entirely on target for our overall carbon reduction and we’re way ahead of target for the amount of carbon we produce per employee.

Since we calculated the baseline, our team has actually grown and the average carbon emissions per employee have reduced by over 23%.

In order to track our reduction in emissions, we needed to calculate a baseline. Our baseline figure was calculated for 2021 using a Science Based Targets methodology, and took into account our fleet of six company-owned vehicles, electricity use at our two main offices, and emissions from freight, weight, and business mileage travelled by the team in their own cars.

Since this baseline was calculated, we’ve completed a number of projects to help us meet our ambitious goals of reducing our carbon emissions by 18% over the next five years.

  • We have achieved ISO4001 Certification, implementing monitoring of environmental outputs and paper recycling in our offices. 
  • Introduced a new company car scheme whereby all company fleet vehicles are replaced with hybrid or electric cars on renewal. 

  • A new Veolia recycling scheme is in place in our South-West premises resulting in zero waste from the office.

  • New LED lighting has been installed in our North-West office controlled by motion detectors to reduce waste.

What's next?

In the future, we hope to implement further measures to reduce our carbon emissions, including the introduction of a staff EV scheme to reduce emissions from business mileage, and to implement solar energy generation in our South West office.

There are very exciting times ahead in our bid to become a more sustainable, and environmentally-friendly business. 

Read our full Carbon Reduction Plan.

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A climate positive workforce

We also have a great partnership with Ecologi, which has already led to carbon offset projects and green energy capture which amount to offsetting 765.5 tCO2 and the planting of over 11,000 trees in the last 18 months.

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Posted on February 17th 2023

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