Is Your School's IT Network Secure?

While the internet remains an integral feature of the educational experience, both at home and in the classroom, the job of safeguarding your school’s network must continue to be a fundamental concern. Indeed, the sheer volume of IT and online services used by any school must encourage all parties to ask themselves an important question:

How secure is my school's IT network?

Firstly, there are some key elements that education facilities need to consider in order to protect users, devices and potentially sensitive data from theft or compromise from malicious actors, rogue software or malware.

As a bottom line, a breach of a school’s network will negatively impact its power to function, while putting at risk the security of its data, and, in the long-term, damage its reputation. As a result, ICT leads and governing bodies must put in place measures to combat and respond to cyber security threats.

The Power of Computeam Secure

Computeam Secure is a pioneering suite of products that embrace three core concepts of Protect, Defend, and Comply. At the heart of these cutting-edge managed IT services for schools, is a capacity to safeguard devices, provide secure access to online services, and round-the-clock protection of sensitive personal information and school data. The proactive nature of this security initiative offers not just a remedy for network threats but aims to identify them before they materialize with 24/7, 365-day support.

Remember, effective cyber security measures don’t just stop at protection. It’s also imperative that safeguarding methods are compliant with enterprise-level security; conforming with the strict guidelines put forward by the relevant authorities.

While the majority of school networks can be made secure by utilizing a range of standard approaches and software, such as endpoint antivirus and device encryption, Computeam understands that no school is the same, and every client’s requirements differ. With this in mind, at the foundation of any Computeam Secure service, is an audit of the school’s existing IT estate and its safeguarding provisions—only then can we identify the school’s needs and apply an effective plan of action. 

With the rise in diverse and flexible teaching approaches, an audit, for example, might review a school’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy—advising staff on how to safely operate personal devices such as laptops, tablets, and USBs to protect the school’s network from cyber threats and potential data breaches. Helping a school create a well-defined BYOD will mitigate risk while giving a hard-working teacher with limited free time one less thing to worry about. 

Safe and Secure High Speed Internet for Education

Securly AI looks for negative sentiments in students' online activity for signs of bullying, self harm, anguish, and suicide risk, and sends alerts straight to those who need them, such as the designated safeguarding lead, enabling timely action to be taken.

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Ensuring staff are cyber aware

The GDPR regulations which came into force in 2018 outlined a growing number of compliance requirements placed on schools by their insurance providers such as the RPA. As well as ensuring that the solutions put in place to defend and protect systems meet the criteria, Computeam aims to help raise awareness and improve skills among all school staff, not just ICT departments. 

Training staff in the NCSC basics of cybersecurity is now a fundamental standard of RPA insurance and the most effective method of preventing future ransomware attacks at a fraction of the cost of premium-grade anti-phishing software.

How can we help?

Embracing a practical, effective cyber security strategy is a hugely important, albeit complex undertaking for schools. As such, perhaps the most common stumbling block for department leads is understanding the potential risks of a data breach and identifying the best method of making improvements. Computeam’s detailed audit provides a simple visual guide for schools to help find the level of security needed. Audits are available for both Computeam clients and non-clients, and unquestionably the first step your school should consider on the journey towards improved cyber security.

Our multilateral approach goes beyond a mere quick-fix for your network; instead, we’re committed to opening a dialogue and guiding you on the best method of installing cyber security deep into the architecture of your IT estate. So, if you’re not sure how safe your school is, why not get in touch and see how Computeam Secure can help?

Posted on December 5th 2022

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