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While the heavyweight issues of declining education budgets and increased carbon emissions wrestle for our attention, what better time to think about the lifecycle of technology products—and how we can manage them more effectively.

To help tackle these challenges, Computeam is delighted to introduce our Trade2Train recycling service. This forward-thinking initiative offers schools a sustainable method of offloading redundant technology equipment in a safe, secure and ecologically-responsible way—all the while protecting our client’s sensitive data. The service also provides access to any residual value—in the form of essential training services for pupils or teachers.

What is Trade2Train?

Trade2Train is a free collection and recycling service for redundant IT equipment in schools, with full data destruction carried out as standard.

Enrollers in the scheme can exchange their old devices for training vouchers which, in turn, can be used on a varied selection of services available as part of Computeam’s Engage Training for Educators.

What Can Be Collected?

Computeam can collect most types of electrical equipment typically found in schools—with a primary focus on mobile devices. This includes laptop computers, netbooks, 2-in-1 transformer books, Chromebooks, Surface pros, tablets, smartphones, projectors, gaming and VR equipment, flat screen TVs, desktop PCs and monitors. 

If you’re looking to offload a desktop PC, it’s worth noting that we are only able to collect devices with Core i3 CPU or newer, and there will be no value offers made on 5:4 orientated displays. Due to the high levels of plastics and hazardous materials present, there are some electrical items that we are unable to recycle—including printers, whiteboards and PC displays containing mercury or other hazardous gases.

Meanwhile, faulty and damaged equipment will generally not retain value due to the restoration costs involved—or if it’s simply not financially viable to repair the device. There’s also limited market value in older working equipment, mainly owing to its age or the lack of upgrade options. In these scenarios, the equipment is broken down into individual components and ethically recycled.

Our team will arrange for the redundant equipment to be collected at a convenient time

How does it work?

It’s an amazingly straightforward process. Once your school has a minimum of 10 devices ready for collection, simply contact your account manager or complete the online form with a full list of the electrical items. If you’re unsure on the status of each device, please contact your onsite technical consultant for assistance.

Then, sit back and relax. We do the rest. 

Our team will arrange for the redundant equipment to be collected at a convenient time—and, once we receive the equipment and an evaluation has been reached, your account manager will be in touch to discuss the value being offered.

Once you’ve assessed the offer, there are two options available. Either accept the value and take advantage of the Trade2Train vouchers—after which the recycling and data destruction will commence—or reject the offer and the equipment will be returned. Alternatively, if no value is put forward, you can choose to authorise its free-of-charge recycling and GDPR data destruction.

What else do I need to know?

To prepare your redundant equipment for collection, there are a number of steps you can take to assist in the recycling process and to help maximise the potential value of the product.

With each device, we run our diagnostics and data sanitisation software via BIOS or EFI and will need unrestricted access to perform these tests. Here’s a brief rundown of those requirements:

For all Apple equipment, including MacBook, iMac, iPad and iPhone:

  Remove all user accounts from settings
  Log out of iCloud account and remove AppleID from settings
  Release item from any MDM management

For all Windows equipment:

  Remove any BIOS or HDD locks 
  Supply AC power adapters with laptops
  Log out of Google account
  Log out of manufacturer accounts

How can we help?

If you would like any more information about our Trade2Train recycling services, or would like to arrange a collection of your redundant technology equipment, simply contact your account manager or complete the online form. The full Trade2Train overview is available in our documents resource

Posted on December 6th 2021

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