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Sustainable Tech Recycling

To help tackle the challenges of both carbon emissions and adequate training for teachers and students, while freeing up very valuable space within your school store rooms, we introduced our Trade2Train recycling service

This modern-thinking initiative offers schools a sustainable way of discarding redundant technology equipment in a safe, secure, and ecologically responsible way. Computeam then exchanges any residual value of the equipment for essential training services for pupils or teachers.

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What does Computeam offer?

This is a secure, free-of-charge IT asset disposal service where items are safely data destroyed and the components, where possible, are fully reused or recycled to continue their usable lifespan in other devices or applications.

Schools can recover any value attached to the devices or their components in the form of Trade2Train vouchers that can be spent with Computem on a wide range of training services including Learning Locker access for your sites.

How do Computeam provide this Service?

With complimentary collection anywhere in the UK*, our recycling partner will get in touch to schedule a convenient collection date. They'll then visit your site with a list of items for recycling and collect them from your school.

After conducting a thorough inspection at their recycling facility, and once you're satisfied with the residual value presented in Trade2Train vouchers, they'll proceed with secure data destruction, issuing certificates upon completion. You can subsequently collaborate with your Computeam account manager to devise a training plan.

*Minimum device numbers apply

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How can your school benefit?

We all have a responsibility to tackle important environmental issues, and taking this seemingly small step can really help reduce landfill, reduce carbon footprints—all the while ensuring that your school budget goes as far as possible. You can read about The Computeam Climate Project for details of what we as a company are doing to achieve Net Zero and the work we are doing with our supply chain and customer base.

That coupled with the ability to ensure your school has up-to-date, sector-relevant training for your team, often fully paid for by the Trade2Train scheme, makes the rationale behind recycling and re-use truly compelling for schools.

It is important to note that recycling should be just one part of a broader sustainable ICT strategy in schools. Reducing electronic waste through smart procurement, extending the lifespan of devices, and promoting responsible consumption are equally crucial components to minimise the environmental impact of ICT equipment in the education sector.

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