CPD and Trade2Train

There are a multitude of challenges facing teachers in the quest to access vital CPD, and the government’s response in tackling the financial roadblocks involved only go so far in mitigating the problem.

Indeed, in a recent Department of Education survey, 70 per cent of education professionals said that cost was a significant factor in their failure to acquire suitable CPD, while over half said that the continued time constraints left them unable to focus energy on finding adequate training services. One third of those suggested that they didn’t have enough time to even look! 

So, while the government is now providing fully-subsidized places for all teachers on the new NPQs, and despite a surge of free or low-cost courses and training available online, facilitating access to vital CPD services still remains a key issue.

Why is CPD important?

It’s important to disassociate from the idea that CPD should be a luxury; instead it must be viewed as a fundamental tool to improve pupil outcomes and teacher performance. CPD is a critical resource that educators shouldn’t be forced to complete in their leisure time if we want to alleviate pressure and workloads already placed on teachers.

At its core, intelligent, well-executed CPD is a vote of confidence for the talents of teachers and pupils, and a worthwhile investment in the education system as a whole.

Success through flexibility 

If there’s one positive to take from the global pandemic over the last two years, it’s that effective CPD can be delivered remotely and with minimal cost. Furthermore, the flexibility of online training means that sustained CPD doesn’t necessarily mean an unmanageable time drain on teachers’ already-busy schedules. CPD courses can be split into multiple short sessions over a longer period—with more focus on quality of outcome rather than being constrained by specific time parameters.

Ensuring that CPD is manageable is an instrumental factor in achieving the best possible results for educators, which, in turn, will improve their ability to provide a high standard of teaching in the long term. A shorter, more flexible programme, which can be completed over time, has been proven to be a much more successful approach when it comes to CPD.

CPD and Trade2Train: exchange old technology for training!

As a Microsoft Global Training Partner that employs Google Certified Trainers, we are in a unique position to be able to offer a widespread and comprehensive range of CPD and Engage training options to educators. Whether it’s off-the-shelf courses or specially-designed programmes based on skill levels and requirements—or bespoke video services to distribute Trust-wide—we have numerous CPD strategies that can assist teachers in these challenging times.

Also to help tackle the difficulties educators have met finding adequate CPD, Computeam have rolled out an exclusive Trade2Train recycling service. This pioneering initiative offers schools a sustainable method of offloading redundant technology equipment in a secure and ecologically-responsible way—in exchange for essential CPD and training services for educators.

How can we help?

If you would like to find out more about our Trade2Train recycling services, or would like to arrange a collection of your redundant technology equipment, it’s as easy as contacting your account manager or completing this online form. The full Trade2Train overview can be found in our documents resource.

Posted on January 13th 2022

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